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What is your favourite Jean Grey costumes between this selection?    

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Which one does she get buried in? I like that one, cause she's dead.

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The second and fourth one shown
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No love for the attempt to redesign the Phoenix look? 

Personally, I always liked her X-Factor costume.  Simple, and you can't miss the X-theme... 

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@xerox-kitty: The costume in your first pic is great.
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The Redesgined Phoenix Look is my absolute Favourite Jean Grey Costime :D
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 Betsy's Got The Right Idea... Burn That Outfit!  But Not With Jean Still In It...
 Betsy's Got The Right Idea... Burn That Outfit!  But Not With Jean Still In It...
Jean has had more costumes than people realise... but we all remember the classic Phoenix template and the hideous blue & orange number from the 90's.  Poor love, why couldn't she have died in the 90's to spare her from a decade of bad fashion. 
I'm surprised more people don't love the kinky Hellfire Club look (even though that was technically Phoenix, not Jean, but wasn't it retconned back and... oh nevermind ;) 
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@xerox-kitty: I kinda like the blue & orange version because that was the Jean Grey I grew up with.  
Jean Grey
Jean Grey

I also like the Marvel Girl costume just because it looks nice and sweet. 
Marvel Girl #1
Marvel Girl #1
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I would pic the #3 Marvel Lady outfit, if she had the phoenix sash & lost the mask. 
But the Phoenix outfit is the same, regardless of color.  However, the green version is just a better pic than the white outfit.
I never liked the 90's outfit.
The black queen outfit might look good, if it were drawn today. & that hair? Hidious.

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1 and 3 in your list

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@danhimself said:
My favorite one too <3  
makes her look like a warrior or 
love the GOLD plated breast armor in a Phoenix emblem.
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Haha, I love the Black Queen look! 

It gave her a sexy edge none of her other costumes have. 
Other that that, the original green Phoenix look is my favorite. :)  
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They are all kinda boring and/or dated imo. :\

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Someone needs to completely reinvent her wardrobe
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The White and Gold outfit.
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The green & yellow Phoenix is the best.

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@danhimself said:
Hands down best costume she has, when she comes back she needs to wear this, its edgy has great accents and just looks EPIC. Besides it looks like she's ready to brawl in this
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no dark phoenix?









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My favorites....

 I love the Marvel Girl Costume because it's Swinging 60's style, nice and mod. I don't really like the green as much but if she had this costume in red or yellow it'd be prettier.


Her X-factor Forever look is AWESOME, this picture of her is what I've always imagined for Jean visually as well.
                                                          And of course her red outfit because it looks EPIC.
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Never realized how many looks she had, I like the X-Factor one and the Green and Yellow without the mask.

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Any of the phoenix entities! Best costumes because they are so simple yet so powerful...Iconic!!

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Of the ones in the OP, I like the first and last.... I am not a fan of the belt scarf like thing:S.... but the white outfit still comes out to one of my top picks. 

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By Jamie Fay
I like this design for the white phoenix, its a cool interpretation of the emblem
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Dark Phoenix FTW

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