The art of the new Black Cat series?

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I won't say it is the worst art I have ever seen but it is very disappointing from a fan's point of view.  When there are great artists like Ed Benes, Al Rio and J. Scott Campbell to mention a few, Marvel stays away from the big names.  I will admit I am one of those fans that think the artwork is 85% of the comic, if it wasn't for the artwork it would be called a book!  The 1994 Black Cat Series had great Artwork!
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Well to be fair, this is not considered a huge series, so they probably won't get a big name artist, so they give an assignment like this to a newer artist to test there stuff

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Who is drawing it? 
Can't remember now.
One thing...
you say the art's 85% of a comic book? If not for the story it'd just be a whole lotta of pictures.
The characters who last longest are still around because of desent stories and character development. 
Poorly written, well drawn characters ten go the way of the early image stuff.  If the art's too good and the story's not good enough you end up with a comic that  looks like it's just full of pin up art. I don't want a comic like that.
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Ed Benes, Al Rio & J Scott Campbell?  Well, it's clear to see what your favourite style of comic art is.  Ed Benes is on Birds of Prey (is he a DC exclusive??), Al Rio is just another T&A artist who I couldn't give a toss about & J Scott Campbell is incapable of producing internal art for an issue in 12 months, let alone 30 days. 
Javier Pulido, on the other hand, has a distinctive style.  It's a striking & energetic without pandering to the stereotype of big-breasted women with unfeasibly thin waists.  An unusual choice for Black Cat?  Yes.  An intentional choice to bring in more female readers as part of Marvels big push on Women In Comics?  Yes.  Do I care about cry babies who want cheap run-of-the-mill T&A ?  No.

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I didn't have a problem with the art, thought it was great.

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I will agree on the issue of all the characters having the same body type, I hate that too.  In some comics, the only difference between the characters is hair color or custome.  I know in some cases the artist doesn't have too much leeway.  That is one of the reasons that I always like Wasp as a character because she was difeent from the standard form.  I am sorry about my choices of artist I just thought of a few quick ones.  I like George Perez, G. Tuska, Ed, Fred & Maria Benes, Al Milgrom, Andrew Wildman, Mark Bagley (sometimes), Terry Dodson (sometimes), Marcio Abreu, Carlos Silva, Mike Deodato Jr., David Finch, Greg Horn, Paul Pelletier, Yanick Paquette, Billy Tan, Tom Grummett, Joe Bennett, Scott Eaton (too name a few).  I like my art defined and if there is muscles there I want to see them.  I think the Inker and colorist has alot to do with what the final product looks like.  Sometimes they can make a page great or ruin it.  I, also, believe that alot of the great art gets ruined today because the powers to be want a certain look or feel to the story/book.  Some of my favorite Inkers are Sandra Hope & Scott Hanna and Colorist Alex Sinclair & Dan Kemp.   
I think there are some artist, who are great but just can't draw that character for whatever reason and there are some that get that character every time.  Just like writers, sometimes you wonder if the writer knows anything about the chararcters at all.  For the record, my style isn't cheap run of the mill T & A.  I am glad we do agree that Javier Pulido isn't a good choice for the Black Cat, should have brought Al Milgrom back to do the artwork!
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I don't know, i guess it's okay, it's very distinctive, which is nice, but it's not spectacular.
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Honestly, I think the art in this book is really the best thing going for it, because it brings with it a retro vibe of the 50's, 60's, and 70's that plays off of both the spy themes of the comic and the girl power it seems to enforce. Plus, Javier Pulido is nothing if not fun and makes the book something you can look at and appreciate because if nothing else, it's creative and goofy. I wish he did more Spider-Man work, what he did do was some of the best work Brand New Day had to offer.

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