What will happen to Jason Todd in DOTF?

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Now, let us get past the obvious. He will not die, the solicits show that he is suffering from the events, and Batman Inc. has him as Wingman. But that doesn't change the fact that Jason is going to most likely undergo some trauma.

To me, in my opinion, Joker knows the identities but really isn't going to out right admit it, at least not yet (we gotta wait for the punch line). But according to Issue 0 of RHTO, Joker has planned Jason to be Robin and would most likely know his name. That said, I doubt Joker hasn't figured out everyone else's ID. He has said that he has been following all the Bat-Clan around for a year, and it wouldnt be too difficult to discover their secrets.

There is also the fact that Bruce has been withholding info from the Bat-Family. Jason seems pretty passive aggressive in Batman issue 15, but he has a point. None of them are safe, and with Jason in the middle of Joker's trap, it is only a matter of time until Jason starts feeling the pain. Now I believe that the Death of the Family, might not seem so literal. IF anyone is going to die, it will most likely be Alfred. The poor guy is already blind. But the relationship of the Family will definitely be torn down. And according to Batman Inc, Jason is acting as Wingman, Dick is still hanging around, and Damian was Redbird. Now this could just be Morrison doing whatever the hell he wants, or an editor's blindness (we have seen a crap ton of that). Jason and Tim will definitely experience something, since they are sharing some screen time in Teen Titans and RHTO. And according to their solicits, they will suffer, but what exactly will it be? Jason's mother could still be alive (Issue 0 showed that she was alive and Jason going to her, but we didnt see her in the explosion that killed Jason. Plus that would explain the redhead at the grave site). Tim's parents might be killed off? But what has been sticking in my craw is the Jokerized faces of the Bat-family,

Now if yal have read Nightwing 15, we see Raya Vestri in a Jokerized state attacking Dick. In B&R we see either Bruce, or a Batman copycat, Jokerized about to fight Damian. This effect could be used on the Family, but I doubt that would work because that would mean every story will deal with it and the after effects, and i doubt that would seem very diverse. These covers could acutally indicate that the Joker's plan has begun its full effect and that the Family is beginning to be attacked. I personally don't know what will happen to Jason, but if (and this has been surfacing around) Joker dies, then Jason would be my choice to do it, and I wouldnt be opposed to it. Next to Bruce and especially Babs, Jason has the most reason to kill the Joker. So what are your opinions on the matter? What do you think will happen to Jason?

P.S. If Alfred dies, or even if he doesn't, if Joker reveals that he knows everyone, or people close to the Bat-family are killed, than that would be enough for the Bat-Family to truly die.

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He got his face burnt

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