Red Hood's Fate in Death of the Family!

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When I saw the following cover shots, I came to make a forum post about it and saw that a fellow user made something a bit similair, but I am gonna follow through on this.

As many hoodies may know by now, the looks of the covers have an ominous feeling around them, and I for one am worried about Jason.

I had a somewhat feeling, ever since Joker first took Jason's helmet in issue 13 that something bad would happen concerning it. Turns out I could be right, and Jason will be the one to pay for it. But the thing is, it could all be misleading, not as bad as it seems, or fixable.


First let me say, Mico Suayan is the new artist, as well as the cover artist from issues 17 and 18, as well as the ongoing cover artist. Though this is terrifyingly gross, it is a tremendous work of comic book art. Like hot damn, we got ourselves a good one.

But to the matter at hand, Jason's face could be fine, and instead he suffered something else at the hands of the Joker, but with Joker nothing is simple or predictable. Especially when the next cover is this.

No Caption Provided

Now I have heard someone say it before, but that looks like S'aru the Protector from issue 2. He is the immortal kid with alot of power that we have no idea about, and this could mean even bigger trouble for Jason. Possibly he is dead......

S'aru could be the one behind Jason's resurrection, and it would make sense for him to come back for him. he could have foreseen that Jason be someone that could help take down the Untitled, but that is just a theory based on the possibility that even is S'aru. So Jason's disfigured face might mean, that he is actually dead, and that he will once again be revived, and gets his looks back.

Now this is all theoretical, and we can only wait til next week to find out what happens in the dreaded 17th issue of Batman, but for now we can only hope.

What are your ideas?

What could Jason's disfigured face mean?

Is he dead, and waiting for another resurrection, or is he really ok and the disfigurement stands for his emotional toil by the Joker?

Please be respectful and courteous to other opinions.

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@wessaari: interesting theroy

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new solicit shows that the monkey on ROy's back really is S'aru. I AM SO FREAKING NERVOUS FOR JASON!!!!

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@wessaari: oh boy !

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