Red Hood and The Outlaws #6!

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Everyone needs to see this preview of Red Hood And The Outlaws #6! The artist in this book needs to like team-up with Scott Snyder and make the most awesome comic ever. And once again Scott Lobdell proves that he is one of the greats, by showing what i think is the prefect portrayal of Dick Grayson and Jason Todd's characters. Did I mention Nightwing shows up in this book and he looks awesome. Who else wants to see rocaforts art for every dc character? I Do. To the link:

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Nightwing shows up? o___O.

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Ah... He shows up. Not in the way I thought, lol.

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Is it just me...or does Jason NOT have the bat symbol on his chest in those pics? Maybe this is how he got it...and why he wears it.

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yeah it's a nightwing flashback

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