Jason in the Bat Universe

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I've just read Batman#0 and I have to say, from all the Robins that showed up, Jason starred my favorite "scenes".

He was on the edge of right and wrong, you could see he was not the typical selfish bad guy, but he could act like them when it was needed (or when he was pushed to). Anyway, a real younger Jason.

My point is that I just love when he interacts with other Bat Family members or when he's in their universe. It fits him better and it provides a lot of possibilities that can actually work out.

I'm not reading Red Hood and the Outlaws and one of the reasons is because I feel like Jason is out of place. It works sometimes, but still doesn't make me wanna buy it every month.

It's ok if he continues with the Outlwas and so on, but it'd be nice if he could belong to both "universes". Being a more constant figure in the Bat titles, not only making cameons that seem to be forgotten. I'm sure it's not happening so soon and that many of you won't like, but that's how I feel and I wanned to share it.

That's all :)

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I get your point,but I am the exact opposite.I prefer him away from the Bat Family

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Ditto that was my favorite part too. I havnt been reading RHATO...well i have issue 6 and 9...but yea everything else seems like its outta place. All we can say at the moment is lets be happy that he at least hes got his name on a book though I would like to see more solo stories not including the outlaws or the batfamily.

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DC hasn't known what to do with Jason since they brought him back. At least with the new 52 Jason, they've settled on an approach. Because man, readers were getting whiplash from his switches between absolute villain, anti-hero, and misunderstood hero.

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I agreed with fodigg. I see his new series as what the New Teen Titans series was for Dick. Not as groundbreaking or nearly as good, but it gets him away from Batman and allows him to have his own adventures and grow. In a series like this he really can't be in the bat universe, because Kori and Roy don't fit there. As long as they have a direction for him I say he should stay where he is and appear every now and again for Bat Family events, like Death of the Family.

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