Good Ideas for Jason Todd Stories:

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I got a good idea for a Jason Todd Story, it be when half the citizens of gotham get fed up with the criminals coming back to gotham and killing more people, that they break Jason out of Jail (for whatever reason) and get him to led them into a War with the rest of Gotham to finally end crime for good by exterminating the criminal population, I call it Gotham City War, as Batman, the rest of the bat family, the police and the other half of Gotham have to stop Jason and his army from killing criminals like Mr. Freeze and all the villains batman has ever put away, It could be like in the Dark Knight Rises where the police just run towards the criminals and start fighting them. What do you think? Do you think its a good idea? And what ideas do you have for Jason Todd stories? Imagine this to be Jason and Bruce!

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Slow your roll, two threads is enough.

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@TheCrowbar: trying to complete the quest.

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The quest will be there tomorrow and next week and next year you have time.

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@TheCrowbar: OK.

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