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Jason Todd was the 2nd Robin. For others who've taken on the mantle of Robin:

1st Robin= Dick Grayson. 3rd Robin= Tim Drake. 4th Robin= Stephanie Brown. 5th Robin= Damian Wayne. 6th Robin= Carrie Kelley. Earth 2 Robin= Helena Wayne. Dead Earth Robin= Tris Plover. Thrillkiller Robin= Barbara Gordon. Reign of Terror Robin= Rochelle Wayne.

Jason's current alias, The Red Hood, was taken from the Red Hood Gang (facing them was what brought him into contact with Talia and first set him on the path towards becoming a costumed vigilante).


Jason Todd
Jason Todd

Raised in the slums of the poor side of Gotham City, Jason Todd was a dark haired boy and the son of a petty criminal named Willis Todd. Eventually, Willis was sent to prison and never returned home despite earning his release after a few years. Thus before Willis got sent to prison was the last time Jason ever saw him. This left Jason with Catherine Todd, a drug addicted woman he did not know was not truly his biological mother. In order to survive and for his so-called mother's habit, Jason turned to crime, ripping off car parts for money. Catherine soon died from a drug overdose, and Willis had disappeared after screwing up a job for Two-Face. Jason was left alone on the streets barely surviving, still stealing parts of cars for cash. This led to Batman discovering Jason in an alley stealing the tires off the Batmobile.

Bruce Wayne tried to put Jason in a school for troubled youths but simply could not keep him there due to the school encouraging breaking laws and the kids beating up Jason while an old lady (whom was considered the teacher) watched. With that option off the table, Bruce took him in as his own and began training him to replace Dick Grayson as Robin. He did not have Dick's cheerful enthusiasm or natural acrobatic skill, but life had made him tough and full of sarcastic wit which made Jason motivated. Secretly, Bruce believed that had he not taken Jason into his home then in a few years time he would be taking Jason in to the police as Batman. So instead, Jason became the new Robin.


Jason Todd was created by Gerry Conway and Don Newton in 1983 under the editorial direction of Len Wein. The character was introduced to address the problem of Dick Grayson's absence from the Batman books due to that character's starring role in the Teen Titans series. It was felt that Batman worked best with a partner to regularly interact with, which was a role that Dick could no longer fill. So Jason was introduced to fill the void Dick Grayson left until Jason's death happened eight years after he first appeared.

Character History

Pre-Crisis: Earth-One

Robin II (Earth-One)
Robin II (Earth-One)

Since Jason Todd was created to fill Dick Grayson's role, he was basically a carbon copy of a young Dick Grayson except with lighter hair. Jason Todd was a boy with light red hair, but very much like Dick Grayson in personality. He was the son of Joseph and Trina Todd. While working on a case for Robin, then Dick Grayson. The two acrobats who tragically met their ends at the hands of Killer Croc, who feed hem to crocodiles. After this tragedy, he was taken in by Bruce Wayne much like Dick had been previously. Left with a powerful desire to fight crime and avenge his parents' deaths, Jason began doing so with such disguises as his old circus uniform before having a superhero identity of his own. Eventually, he received Dick's blessing to be the new Robin along with the costume, and Bruce trained him to be part of a new Dynamic Duo. This caused a big stir up with the fans as they were uncomfortable with a new Robin.

Modern Age: New Earth

Red Hood (New Earth)
Red Hood (New Earth)

Following Crisis on Infinite Earths most of the major DC characters had a retold version of their origins told. To differentiate Jason from Dick, Dennis O'Neil oversaw the character being completely re-imagined as a kid from the streets of Gotham City. He was now a punk rather than a circus performer. He smoked, was cynical and had a mean streak to him than Dick never had. He was an angrier Robin who would sometimes use excessive force on the more vile criminals.

In one notorious incident, a serial rapist named Felipe Garzonas dodged the charges for his crimes due to his father's diplomatic immunity. After one of his victims committed suicide, Jason headed straight for Felipe ahead of Batman. Batman arrived in time to witness Felipe falling from a building to his death, and Jason claimed only that Felipe got spooked and slipped when he showed up. Though Batman thought otherwise considering Jason can be a bit tough on the criminals.

The character's new attitude and origin was met with negative reactions from some very vocal fans. In a few years times, the fate of Jason would be put to a vote by the fans via a 1-900 phone number and published in the end of the Batman: Death in the Family limited series by Jim Starlin. Jason's death won the vote by a count of 5,343 to 5,271. However, O'Neil would later say that hundreds of fraudulent votes were cast for Jason's death by one person using a computer.

Jason Todd returned to Gotham City years after his death as an anti-hero antagonist to Batman using the identity Red Hood. Jason holds a grudge for Bruce not killing the Joker to seek revenge for Jason's death. He stood as a rejection of Batman's ideals, willing to use lethal force against criminals and control crime rather than fighting against it all. This revival came courtesy of Judd Winick after Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee 's Hush story arc teased the idea of Jason's return, which was surprisingly well received by the fandom considering the fact the reason he died in the first place was because Jason was negatively received by fans.

Though other writers would tell their own stories with the returned Jason Todd, Winick was the chief architect of Jason's new direction. He positioned Jason as the black sheep or outcast of the Batman Family and in many ways the polar opposite of Dick Grayson, who Jason had once been a thinly veiled copy of. Jason would briefly use other identities such as stealing the identity of Nightwing from Dick or donning the Red Robin costume in the final act of Countdown to Final Crisis , but the character always quickly returned to the Red Hood identity.

Post-Flashpoint: Earth-0

Red Hood (Earth-0)
Red Hood (Earth-0)

In the revamped post- Flashpoint DC Universe, Jason Todd maintained his Red Hood identity and got his own ongoing series entitled Red Hood and the Outlaws. He was one of the characters left relatively unchanged by the revamp, getting a new costume reminiscent of his original Red Hood costume as well as a redesigned Robin costume for his time as Batman's partner. Unlike his post- Flashpoint counterpart, Earth-0 Jason Todd is less tempered and hostile towards the Bat-Family. As of late, he has worked with them as a unit on multiple occasions, without aggression or direct violence towards them. Jason fought with the Bat-family in court of owls and is shown to be some what friends with Tim Drake. Damian Wayne does not like Jason for his time as Robin as shown in Batman and Robin.

Major Story Arcs

Silver Age: Earth one

*Please note in this era of Batman Detective Comics and Batman were interconnected and would often have a story begin in a book and have it wrapped up in the other.

Batman 357-359 & Detective Comics 524-526

While Jason does not play a large role in the story his parents are instrumental to the plot. The story is about Killer Croc's rise to power in the the criminal underworld. Trina Todd, after accidentally learning the secret identities of Batman and Robin, asked Dick for help dealing with a protection racket trying to take money from Salon circus. While working on the Killer Croc case Batman discovers that Killer Croc is trying to extort money from the circus. Asking the Todds for help Dick asks them to keep an eye out for the man trying to extort money from the circus. The Todds, being a bit over zealous, attempt to follow a henchman of Killer Croc back to his lair.

Before the Todds had left Waldo, a clown at the circus and friend of Dick, watches as the Todds ran off to follow Killer Croc's henchman. When Dick arrive Jason tells Dick about them casing after the bad guy. Angered by this Dick leaves to try and find them before they get hurt. On the road Waldo is able to catch up to Dick in the middle of a storm and give him vital information. Dick tells Waldo and Jason to head to Wayne manor.

Jason discovers the Bat-cave and tries on one of Dicks old costumes. When Batman returns from a mission with Talia and Catwoman Jason stowaways in the bat-mobile. Jason helps save both ladies and confronts Killer Croc for killing his parents. At the end of the story Bruce decides to adopt Jason.

Modern Age: New Earth

Nightwing: Year One

The New Dynamic Duo
The New Dynamic Duo

In parallel to Dick Grayson's journey of self-discovery that would lead to him becoming Nightwing, Jason Todd was on his own journey to become the new Robin. Their paths crossed in Gotham City as both journeys neared the end. Jason was meant to face "the Gauntlet", his final test to become Robin. Coming across Dick, he assumed facing off against his predecessor was the test, and their rivalry was born. Soon, it was realized that the real Gauntlet had gone awry and Alfred, disguised as Two-Face as part of the gauntlet, was being held hostage by Killer Croc. Dick and Jason worked together to get to the warehouse, defeat Killer Croc and free Alfred. When it was all over, Dick came to accept that Jason was Robin now, and Jason delivered to him what would be his first Nightwing costume as made by Alfred.

A Death in the Family

For further details: A Death in the Family

Jason's Death
Jason's Death

A memorial case was installed in the Batcave in remembrance of Jason. Over the next decade Jason's death haunted Batman, as much as his parents' death. As this event is considered to be the very few that has made an impact on Bruce's mentality and thoughts about the general concept of Robin

Leading up to the events that would ultimately end in Jason's death, he became more and more reckless in his actions. He began disobeying Batman's direct orders, as well as leaving himself open to being shot on a few occasions. When Batman tells Alfred he is considering making Jason take some time off, Jason interrupts, clearly angry and tells Bruce to talk to Alfred as he storms off. Jason walks towards his old neighborhood and comes across a family friend. While going through some contents he learns that Catherine Todd was not his mother. He also learns that his mother's name started with an "S." He found three names in his Father's address book and looked for them on the Batcomputer. Thinking Batman wouldn't be interested in this sort of investigation, he takes off to go look for his mother. At the same time, the Joker was in the Middle East trying to hijack a nuclear warhead. Jason goes to the first woman, but she was not his mother. Batman, who was looking for both Jason and the Joker in the Middle East, finds Jason and helps him on his quest. The next name is actually world-renowned assassin Lady Shiva. Batman confronts and defeats her in combat and under the effects of truth serum she reveals that she is not Jason's mother either. Finally Jason finds his mother, Sheila Haywood, and all seems well. However the Joker knows Sheila had previously performed "illegal operations on teenage girls" in Gotham. After one resulted in the death of a teen, she was blacklisted as a medical practitioner. Joker uses this to blackmail her. When Batman has to go stop an incident he warns Jason not to go after his mother and the Joker, to wait for back-up. He disobeys Batman's orders once again and goes to confront his mother. He shows her that he is in fact Robin, and she tells him that Joker is long gone, however, he is actually around the corner. Sheila hands her own son over to the Joker, who begins to savagely beat Jason to a pulp with a crowbar . Double-crossing Jason's mother, he leaves them both to die. When Todd awoke, he and his unconscious mother were next to a bomb in a warehouse. His last action was to try to shield his mother from the blast. Batman came in time to see the warehouse explode. He tore through the rubble and found Jason's dead body.

The Lost Days

Jason Todd lives again
Jason Todd lives again

Due to the reality warping effects of Superboy-Prime punching his way into the main reality, Jason Todd's corpse was revived in his grave. Still badly injured from what the Joker did to him, he was able to dig his way to the surface and walk over twelve miles before collapsing and being found by a lost couple driving down the road. He was brought to the hospital and treated as a John Doe after slipping into a coma, as he could not provide anyone with answers. He would eventually awaken and escape through the window. However, he had suffered brain damage and remained partially catatonic as he lived on the streets. Instincts and muscle memory were what he survived on. Fighting a homeless man who had attacked him, his moves were witnessed and recognized by a former hired thug he had fought as Robin. The thug called in some old contacts to turn him in for a reward. Word made its way to Talia al Ghul, and she paid to have Jason abducted and brought to her.

Ra's al Ghul was intrigued but unconvinced of his daughter's opinion that Jason was worth anything to them, due to the severe brain damage he had suffered. He decided that Jason would be sent away but remain protected and cared for out of respect for Bruce Wayne. As far as Ra's was concerned, to do anything more with Jason outweighed the potential risk if Batman were to find out. However, Talia disobeyed her father. She took Jason to the Lazarus Pit her father was using and shoved him in. The shock and healing properties of the pit healed Jason's mind. He was confused and panicked, but Talia rushed him away before her father could retaliate. She had little time to explain anything to him, so all she said was for him not to go to Batman and find out the truth instead. He had not been avenged.

Jason did as Talia told him to do and quickly discovered the truth in her words. After his murder, Batman had done nothing more than send the Joker back to jail like his death was just another one of the Joker's crazy schemes. This was too much for Jason to handle so soon. He was only days out of his traumatic revival in the Lazarus Pit, and he was now overwhelmed with grief and rage about what he had learned. In his anguish, he believed Batman only thought of him as an expendable soldier and that his death clearly meant nothing to the dark knight. Riding on the wave of his anger, he headed straight for Gotham City on a mission of revenge.

Jason did not arrive in Gotham City to hunt down the Joker. Instead, his desire for vengeance took him straight to Batman. He used all of his training as Robin to keep surveillance on Batman and orchestrate a setup. He knew all the right places to feed information so that Batman would hear about it, and he fabricated a story about a major gun buy going down in the city. He was waiting when Batman arrived, knowing that Batman would park the Batmobile a certain distance away from the intended destination. He also knew all the Batmobile's security features, allowing him to rig it with an explosive while Batman was gone. This could have been the death of Batman, but when the time came Jason did not pull the trigger. He later explained to Talia that it was because he wanted Batman to know it was him in the end. He wanted to actually face Batman, and he wanted her help to do it.

A curse unleashed upon the world
A curse unleashed upon the world

Jason did not realize that Talia was shocked at his actions and the path he had set himself upon. He also did not realize she was helping him partly to delay him from actually doing anything. But it also did not matter, because he was getting what he wanted. He set about on a quest to further the training Batman had given him and learn what Batman would not teach him. He underwent intensive training in firearms from an expert sniper. He spent weeks learning from a chemist about toxins and other things. Then, he went to train under a German assassin called Egon and his quest took an unexpected turn.

Egon was a highly skilled fighter, as was Jason. But Jason's fighting ability came from Batman. He was taught only how to defend and disable, and now, he needed to learn how to maim and kill. He spent weeks training in brutality before his suspicions got the better of him. Something about Egon's operation bothered him. Egon's men were thugs and not expert killers. This and other things led Jason to believe Egon's business was more than contract killings. He was right and found Egon's child slavery operation. Immediately, he commandeered the truck transporting the children and brought them to safety. He then returned for Egon and killed the slaver.

Following a New Path
Following a New Path

Jason had just taken the first steps on a new path. In the many months that followed, half of the dangerous men and women he studied under wound up dead by either his hands or his schemes. These were not arbitrary killings. In his mind, these people deserved it. The surveillance expert he learned from turned out to be a pedophile. The close combat master intended to murder her own family. The team of mercenaries he joined and left to die in an ambush were responsible for terrible atrocities in Africa. He was willing to learn from and work with some bad people to achieve his goals, but there was only so much he was willing to overlook.

The inevitable soon came to pass. Talia al Ghul showed him some surveillance photos from Gotham City and informed Jason that there was now a new Robin named Tim Drake. As much as he tried to pretend it did not bother him, it did. This news came in the middle of him uncovering a plot by the Russian mob to detonate explosives throughout London in a staged terrorist attack. This was not a situation he could fix by killing his teacher, as he had previously done. This was a much larger threat than he had dealt with before. In trying to sabotage the explosives to prevent the attack, he ended up making a series of stupid mistakes he normally would not have. He was caught and left to the mercy of the Russians orchestrating the attack.

Some quick thinking allowed Jason to narrowly escape with his life, and he went straight after his bomb-making teacher. Since his plan to sabotage the bombs was a bust, he needed to know where all the bombs were going, and he made sure the bomb-maker gave him some honest answers. With a list of names, he scrambled throughout London to relieve each of the unaware suicide bombers of their packages. He caught up to the final bomb just in time to throw it off of Westminster Bridge.

Can't kill the Joker
Can't kill the Joker

Back at his safehouse, the Russians were waiting for him. He took the kill squad head on, using the skills he had learned thus far to be the last man standing. None of them really deserved to leave the room breathing as far as he was concerned. The sole survivor tried to bargain for his life with everything from cash to every scrap of valuable information in his head. Jason was not particularly interested in any of it until the man blurted out that he knew the whereabouts of the Joker. Jason quickly found out where Joker was at, and went to track him down. Joker had a plan to poison the drinking water in Gotham City so that all the people of Gotham, will burn with a smile. The poison was actually a liquid that could travel in water and would instantly ignite when it reaches the air. This would destroy millions of lives and would leave Gotham crippled, for villains to steal. While having a tracer attached to a snag, he found out where Joker was going to get a big shipment of this fuel.

Wanting revenge, Jason decided that he was going to kill Joker for the pain and suffering that he's had and also others have had. Jason was lead to a shipping warehouse which led him to a confrontation with Joker's henchman. Knowing that he hadn't a whole bunch of time, Jason threw a smoke grenade which made Joker's henchman fuzzy and slower. The henchman quickly shot Jason's back, however the body armor that Jason was using saved him from the death. Jason wanted to kill Joker in public, but knew that he had to do it quickly. Jason placed Joker in a little small warehouse where he started to pour gasoline on the Joker. Remembering what the Joker did to him, Jason couldn't ignite the fire. He soon left when he heard the henchmen opening the door.

Back at Talia's house, Jason told Talia that he couldn't kill Joker because he needed Batman to be there as well. He wanted to kill both Batman and Joker to make them suffer for what they did.


For further details: Hush

Jason confronts his mentor
Jason confronts his mentor

Eventually, Talia sent him word of something being planned in Gotham against Batman. It was being orchestrated by a man calling himself Hush, and she thought Jason should get involved. Talia agreed to help him out with this, and they eventually spend the night with one another. The next night, Jason Todd was meeting with Thomas Elliot, whom was operating under the guise of Hush. Hush had been told by the Riddler that Batman was truly Bruce Wayne, and as a show of good faith, Jason confirmed it.

In return, Jason wanted to face off against Batman directly as part of Hush's plan. He wanted Batman to see his face again. He eventually got this opportunity and was dismayed not to see any flash of regret on Batman's face when the big moment came. He slipped out of their fight, leaving Clayface to take his place and Batman none the wiser that he had truly returned.

Jason's involvement in Hush's plan was finished, and it was time for his own plans. He found a gift left to him by Talia that included a specially crafted kris blade and a red helmet that would be the defining element of his new identity.

Under the Hood

For further details: Under the Hood

Becoming the Red Hood
Becoming the Red Hood

Jason emerged in Gotham City as the Red Hood, taking his new identity from the origin of his greatest fear, the Joker. He did not come to fight crime in the city. He came to influence it to avenge his death. He called a meet with the top street dealers in Gotham and informed them that he would be running the drug trade from now on by showing them the severed heads of their top lieutenants he had killed. The new rules were simple. He would get forty percent of the profit, and they would not sell to kids. If they broke that last rule, he would kill them. He also made moves to get the attention of the major crime figure of the time in Gotham, the Black Mask. He disrupted a major weapons shipment coming in from the docks, destroying most of the weapons and activating an Amazo android so Batman and Nightwing would take care of it. What he took from it was a crate of Kryptonite and then acted like he was willing to sell it back to the Black Mask. In return, the Black Mask sent Mr. Freeze to kill him, but he was expecting something of that nature anyway. He took out the hit-men accompanying Mr. Freeze and escaped when Batman and Nightwing showed up, saying all he wanted was the lay of the land.

Done with making his big debut as the Red Hood, he tracked down the whereabouts of the Joker to some abandoned carnival fair ground. He did not kill the Joker, but he did beat the man to near death with a crowbar. Similar to how the Joker originally killed him.

Jason continued his activities as the Red Hood, enforcing his new rules upon the drug trade and warring with the Black Mask's criminal empire. He considered himself a killer and not a murderer. The people he killed were not innocents. Soon, he finally faced off in a battle against Batman that saw them both unmasked before each other, confirming who he really was to Batman.

Now that his identity was no longer a mystery, he broke into Titans Tower to confront Tim Drake, the boy who had replaced him. He he fought with Cyborg and Beast Boy and defeated them easily. Raven was in the tower but Jason decided to allow her to sleep because she was one of the few people that had actually cared for him during his time with the Titans. He wished her to have good dreams for once. He remembered her advices and said she was right when she told him to watch his temper and remembered the he really cared for her safety. He got rid of them so he and Tim would not be interrupted. The two Robins fought with Jason ridiculed the belief that Tim figured out who Batman really was and said that if anything, Batman meant for him to find out. He also ridiculed the idea that even Kolehad a memorial statue in the Tower but not him. He may have only been a Titan for a very brief time, but he had been one. He became impressed with Tim in their fight and started to understands why Bruce chose him as the new Robin and he had to cheat to beat Tim, gassing him and leaving him unconscious to be found by the Titans later. He writes a note in blood on the wall saying "Jason Todd Was Here." Afterward, he observed that Tim was a good Robin. Jason wondered if had he had friends like Tim did when he was Robin, would he have become a better person.

Later, he kidnapped the Joker and ventured to Crime Alley, where they first met and where Bruce Wayne's parents died. He questioned Batman about why he didn't murder Joker to avenge him, and Batman said he refused to kill. They battled and at the same time argued, which Bruce used as a distraction to beat him. Getting the Joker from where he'd hidden him, Jason finally gave him a choice-kill Joker or he would. He counted down from three after tossing Batman a loaded gun, but Batman sliced his neck with a Batarang. Joker detonated explosives then that exploded the platform they were on, ending the fight.

Jason survived the explosion and continued as the Red Hood. While doing routine surveillance on criminals in Gotham, he overheard a conversation Deathstroke was having about having framed Black Lightning for murder. Jason confirmed it and passed the information on to Nightwing. This led to the Outsiders breaking Black Lightning out of Iron Heights.


Some months later, Jason had relocated to Manhattan and taken on the Nightwing identity in Dick Grayson's absence. When Dick found out, Jason taunted him over it. To Jason, it was all a big joke, but Dick did not appreciate what Jason's fatal methods were doing to his reputation. Along with a third Nightwing, Cheyenne Freemont, they had to deal with a pair of metahuman brothers. Jason was nearly killed and temporarily mutated by a creature the brothers employed in which Dick had to help cure him. He recovered and discarded the Nightwing identity.

Seeing Red

Jason returned to his Red Hood identity and travelled out to Star City. Some of the weapons shipments he was counting on went bad because of Batman's and Green Arrow's interference, so he wanted to make a point. He made an alliance with Star City crime boss Brick to keep the two heroes busy and allow him to abduct Speedy. He put her through the paces but also talked to her. They had a lot in common. They were both street kids taken in by billionaire mentors. She knew as he did that sometimes you had to do bad things to do greater good. Green Arrow and Batman arrived after he had already blown up the gymnasium he had her in. She survived, saying she managed to escape before the blast. However, Speedy thinks that Jason might have simply let her go.

Countdown to Final Crisis

For further details: Countdown to Final Crisis

In the process of rescuing a woman, Jason witnessed the sudden death of the Joker's Daughter by a Monitor and the attempted intervention of a second Monitor. Naturally, he was suspected of being Duela's murderer and tried to lie low until eventually approaching Donna Troy. He told her the truth of what happened with Duela and the two Monitors, suspecting that they both may also be targets due to their unique resurrections. Suddenly, they are attacked by an unfamiliar woman calling herself the Forerunner and saved from death by the second Monitor Jason had seen before. This Monitor, who Jason named Bob for reference's sake, warned of a coming disaster and drafted them both to help him search for Ray Palmer, who Bob believed was the key everything.

The group, becoming unofficially regarded as the Challengers from Beyond, proceeded on a quest through the new Multiverse and were soon joined by Kyle Rayner. Through their travels, Jason encountered several versions of the Batman he knew, including everything from a vampire Batman to one who was a Russian terrorist. They even arrived on an Earth where he had taken up the cowl and become Batman himself. As time went on, Jason became increasingly frustrated with Bob's inability to find Ray Palmer and possibly with Kyle's presence vying for Donna's attention. It did not help that the other Monitors had seemingly aligned against them behind Solomon, the Monitor who killed Duela, and that the Monarch was raising a multiversal army to battle them. Jason and the other Challengers were stuck in the middle of an increasingly chaotic situation.

Finally, they find Ray on a seemingly perfect Earth. Many heroes there had retired to live happy normal lives because crime due to supervillains was so minor. But upon finding Ray, Bob turned on them and revealed he only used them to help him find and kill Ray for Solomon. The situation quickly escalated as the Monarch's army arrived and war broke out on that Earth. Jason became separated from the others, getting captured and interrogated by that world's Batman. It was then that Jason discovered what made that Earth so much better than the others. After the death of his counterpart on it, Batman began using lethal force and had now taken out the majority of the serious supervillains. Batman showed him the costume the late Jason of that Earth would have worn someday, and Jason put it on, becoming Red Robin. Together, they fought the Monarch's army as best they could to protect that Earth. Unfortunately, Batman was killed in action by Ultraman. Before retreating to Apokolips, Jason crushed the skull of an alternate Joker laughing over Batman's death with a stone.

Apokolips proved not to be much of a safer place to be. Brother EYE was somehow assimilating the planet, and other heroes and criminals had been drawn into the crisis. After defeating Brother EYE, Jason and the others were transported by Solomon to what they believed was their home Earth only to discover it was simply a close facsimile. They witnessed this Earth ravaged by a great disaster and managed to escape to return to their actual home Earth. Once there, Jason abruptly took his leave, bitterly reaffirming how he felt about superheroics and immediately ditching the Red Robin costume.

Back to Gotham

Jason went back to business as usual as the Red Hood, soon running afoul of Tim Drake. His time away in the multiverse had lost him ground in Gotham that he had to make up again. He was working at taking control of as many street gangs as possible and using them in a gang war to thin the herd. The next step would have been to use them to get at the corrupt cops, then leave them to take care of their own turfs. Batman was missing in action. Someone had to do something about Gotham City.

He half-heartedly tries to get Tim to join him in the plan but was not surprised when that did not work out. They end up fighting, and Jason gets the upper hand on Tim. Someone dressed up as Red Robin interferes, knocking Jason's gun away. He was then shot in the leg by a gangbanger who picked it up. Injured, he was taken into custody by police. He was processed as John Doe and sent to Blackgate, where Tim soon came to visit him. It turned out that Tim had used a variation on Jason's idea to deal with the chaos in Gotham, and Jason tells him he did good. Tim left after giving Jason a Justice League teleportation code he could use to escape.

Jason wasted little time before using it and getting back on Gotham's streets. However, his leg was still injured, so there was not much he could do yet. When Batman's death had been confirmed, he was invited to come to the Batcave. Bruce had left messages for everyone, even him. He listened to his message in isolation and left the Batcave without a word. Bruce had made reference to some childhood trauma Jason experienced and urged him to get help for it. Instead, Jason decided to lash out.

Battle for the Cowl

For further details: Battle for the Cowl

Jason is Batman
Jason is Batman

Now pushed over the edge by Bruce's final message, Jason did not simply watch as Gotham City went to hell and Dick Grayson did everything but take up Batman's cowl. He decided to take up the cowl himself and become the new Batman, but he would not follow in the tradition of Bruce Wayne. He became his own darker and harsher ideal of who Batman should be. Constructing a cave for himself in subway tunnels that had been collapsed in the Gotham quake and designing a more armored Batman costume, Jason took to the streets. He proved more than willing to use guns and lethal force, and wherever he went, he left messages declaring "I Am Batman" so Gotham would know that the Batman had returned.

This new Batman did not go unnoticed. He had a confrontation with Catwoman, during which he warned her that he would not be as lenient with her as the previous Batman had been and threatened her life. Later, he rescued Nightwing and Damian Wayne from an ambush by the Black Mask's thugs. The lethal force he used in doing so was not appreciated by Dick, and the two former Robins clashed. When Black Canary and Huntress arrived to back Dick up, Jason shot Damian to cover his escape.

Arriving back to his Batcave, he saw that Tim Drake had deduced who he was as well as the location of his cave. Tim was also dressed in one of Batman's older costumes, so he had clearly come to challenge Jason's right to the cowl. Jason struck first in an ambush, knocking out Catwoman to keep her out of the fight. Then he and Tim threw down against each other. Jason had the upper hand in the fight until Tim stumbled upon a crowbar in the cave. Stressed and enraged, Tim began savagely striking Jason with the crowbar, only stopping when he realized Jason had stabbed a Batarang into his midsection. The fight ended there with Tim collapsing. He slowed his breathing and pulse rate to make himself appear dead, so Jason dragged his body to elsewhere in the subway tunnels.

The battle for the cowl
The battle for the cowl

With Tim out of the way, Jason then declared that there was now only one left., referring to Dick who still had not yet donned Batman's cowl himself. Knowing that Dick would be coming for him next, Jason left a taser trap waiting in the cave. It was only meant as a prelude to their fight, leaving Dick open for Jason to strike first. During the fight, Dick demanded to know where Tim was and Jason taunted him with the idea that Tim was now dead. Despite Jason's insistence, Dick did not believe it. Dick did not believe Jason was too far gone yet , and said that he knew what Bruce's message said. This only outraged Jason further, and he detonated bombs all over his Batcave to try to end their fight. Dick did not relent, and the fight moved onto a speeding train. After Dick landed a kick with more force than either expected, Jason was left dangling over the Gotham River. He refused to accept Dick's offer of help and instead chose to let go, falling a great height into the water. Despite what it appeared, Jason survived his fall.

Revenge of the Red Hood

Red Hood's new look
Red Hood's new look

Jason survived his fall and gave up his claim to Batman's mantle. Dick was the Batman now, and Jason set out to become Dick's direct competition. He reworked his Red Hood identity to be more dramatic and attention-grabbing by creating a costume for it. Also, he stopped dying his hair black and allowed it to grow red again with a small gray streak left by his previous exposure to a Lazarus Pit. To complete his transformation, he even found himself a sidekick. This was Scarlet, the daughter of a criminal and the victim of Professor Pyg's practice of mutilation. His intent was for them to become Gotham City's new dynamic duo, supplanting the old one.

With his new partner, Jason resumed his brutal and lethal methods of dealing with criminals, but now there was a twist. Using the media and internet, he exposed his methods to the public and actively marketed them as the way things should be done. Public opinion was actually at least somewhat in his favor, especially after he showed Batman and Robin protecting the Penguin from himself and Scarlet. He was able to keep ahead of Batman and Robin, getting to criminals first and evading their attempts to apprehend him.

That lasted until he tracked down a criminal who got away from him to finish what he had started. Batman and Robin arrived to stop them, and the two duos fought. The fight went in Jason's favor. Instead of the two heroes capturing him, he captured them and locked them out of his way for the time being. It was then that Jason and Scarlet were ambushed by the assassin Flamingo. He took two shots from a sniper's rifle, shattering his helmet. There was something simply inhuman about the way Flamingo fought, so much so that he even resisted going down when Batman and Robin joined in. Jason took more shots as he fought Flamingo, including one to the leg. But it was him who took Flamingo down. While the assassin was distracted with Scarlet, Jason came upon him and scooped him up in the large shovel of a backhoe. He then dumped Flamingo over the edge of a steep drop, intent on killing the man. However, there was later no sign of Flamingo's body in the rubble.

Commissioner Gordon and the G.C.P.D. quickly appeared in the aftermath, and Jason was taken into custody. Once again, he was taken by police after being shot in the leg. But he did not go quietly. He told Dick that it was too late to do anything for him. He also accused Dick of not trying hard enough, because if he could be brought back, then so could Bruce. As far as Jason was concerned, Dick was holding back because this was the only way he could ever be out of Bruce's shadow.

Streets Run Red

Passing all of his psych evaluations, Jason Todd, imprisoned under a false identity, gets himself transferred out of Arkham Asylum and to the general population of Gotham City Corrections despite Batman's objections. Now free among the criminals, it did not take Jason long to get back to business. He began killing high profile criminals in the facility, making their deaths appear either as suicides or as murders committed by other inmates. No one realized what he was up to until it was too later and he had released a poison that killed 82 other inmates. Once the warden realized Jason's actions, he had Jason immediately transferred back to Arkham without waiting for Batman's help.

Together Again
Together Again

Jason's transport was intercepted by the Menagerie, a team of mercenaries with animal mutations. They came to free him from custody and bring him to their employer. Since this was not part of Jason's plans, he did not cooperate. Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne's intervention helped him overcome the Menagerie, but they had a message for him. Their employer had his former partner, Scarlet, hostage to ensure his cooperation.

Jason, Dick and Damian had to cooperate with one another to save Scarlet's life, starting with them taking Jason to one of his hidden caches so he could gear up in a variation of his Red Hood identity. This cooperation ended as soon as Red Hood and Scarlet were reunited. Knowing well that Dick and Damian would want to send him right back to prison, Jason took off in a helicopter with Scarlet, setting off an explosive to keep the Dynamic Duo busy.

Post-Flashpoint: Earth-0

The Outlaws

For further information: Flashpoint

Jason Todd's 'New 52' looks both as Robin and the Red Hood
Jason Todd's 'New 52' looks both as Robin and the Red Hood

After the timeline was approximately restored after Flashpoint, Jason Todd was no longer with Scarlet and now had a loose friendship with Roy Harper whom ironically shares a similar past as Jason since both were 'failure' sidekicks that went to the bad side. It is revealed that Jason stopped an attempted smuggling of a nuclear submarine into Miami and it exploded but he escaped and was injured. Starfire fished him out and nursed him back to health where they quickly became friends after realizing they have a lot in common after talking about their pasts. Jason came to Roy's aid, along with Starfire, to break Roy out of a prison in Qurac. After the successful jailbreak, he was contacted by Essence of the All Caste, one of the groups he had learned from during his lost years. The All Caste, which he had turned his back on to pursue his own path, had been brutally eliminated. Jason immediately ditched Roy and Starfire to look into this on his own. Roy joins Jason on a flight to the Himalayas while Starfire flew ahead and secured a limo. Jason leaves them once again to gear up where he shoots down Suzie Su and her partner who try to sneak attack him. Jason now fully geared with Roy and Starfire and he travels a bit ahead of them where he finds the villagers massacred and he pays his respects to Ducra. The villagers reanimate and attack Jason, he turns and throws away his guns to fight them honorably but Roy and Starfire catch up and they start killing the zombies. Jason fights along side them defeating the horde and with the villagers defeated, Jason sits and prays for them.

Jason and the team meet S'aru, the protector. They all give up their most cherished memories as a collateral to get into the Chamber of All to find the object the Untitled wanted. The group ventures through the chamber and they get attacked by a giant monster. Jason and Roy do their best to defend themselves while Starfire gets eaten. Jason finds the object in the midst of the fight and retrieves it. The object turns out to be a snow globe of Colorado, meanwhile Starfire blasts the creature from the inside, killing it and then she grabs Jason and Roy and flies out of the chamber. Jason questions S'aru what the significance of the object is or why the Untitled left it behind but receives no helpful answer. They collect their memories all except for Jason who tells S'aru to keep it. The memory turns out to be a night as Robin when he had the flu and Bruce stayed home to be with the ill Jason.

The Outlaws make their way to Middleton Colorado due to the clue they found in the Chamber of All to find the Untitled. Jason gets into a quick scrap in the bar and a cop comes to take he and Roy to the station. Jason manages to restrain the cop while he looks for some records that could help him find the Untitled. The cop turns out to be one of the Untitled but not the one he's looking for. The cop is about to rip out Jason's liver when Roy saves him. Jason and Roy head outside where they see a huge explosion that matches Starfire's energy signature. Roy leaves Jason to go save Stafire while Jason stays to battle the Untitled.

Jason continues his battle with the Untitled where he ends up falling into the frozen water beneath. Jason recalls a flashback to his training with the Untitled and remembers what Ducra told him about being special and that he is just beginning a new journey. Jason leaps from the ice hole vowing that his trifles with Batman and his goal about killing Joker don't matter anymore. He cuts himself to get blood on the Blades of All to feed them. Jason manages to kill the Untitled setting a new goal that he will kill all of them one by one. It is revealed the Untitled used her powers to keep the people away but upon her death returns to her normal appearance as a mob appears. They think Jason just outright murdered the sheriff so he runs off and gets Kori and Roy telling them they need to leave.

Jason drops Crux off at Arkham Asylum. The team steals one of Crux's ships when Essence appears. Jason stabs her with the All blade and claims she is the one responsible for killing the All Caste. She reveals Ducra is her mother and was linked to the Untitled so she is on her own mission trying to kill all of the Untitled herself. A fight ensues when Jason grabs a molecular dispersal gun or teleportation gun causing Essence to disappear. Jason decides to try and contact the stewardess he met earlier, but decides she is better off not having him in her life.

The Outlaws head to Gotham where an enraged Suzie Su has awakened from a coma after getting shot by Jason. It was revealed that Jason took money from the seven crime families of Hong Kong to supply his resources. Jason killed an entire clan and this allowed new clans to rise up and take its place and eventually one of those familes was the Familia De Flores and Su. Jason had everything he needed so he killed Suzie's entire gang except her and her father as a way to pay retribution for the trouble he caused.While Roy and Starfire rescued the hostages, Jason fought Suzie and ended up killing her by putting a bullet through her skull. When leaving, they intercept a message from Alfred claiming they need all Batman related allies to help since the Court of the Owls have multiple Talons set up around the city ready to kill forty people who have shaped Gotham. Jason gets a request from Tim Drake to stay and help. It was also revealed that about a month or two ago, Jason got intel for Tim and apologized to Tim and Tim forgave him for his past actions. They decide to stay and cover a person of interest, Mr. Freeze.

Jason and the Outlaws are looking over a frozen covered part of Gotham going over the mission. Jason leaps down reminiscing about Gotham and arrives to help Mr. Freeze where he gets caught in the midst of a battle between a Talon and Freeze. He halts Freeze but gets his hand frozen as the Talon runs away. Jason chases the Talon down and has a brief fight with it before it runs again. Eventually he catches up to the Talon who has a heart-to-heart conversation with Jason and begs him to kill him in which Jason does. Jason ends up meeting Batgirl and throws Mr. Freeze on the rooftop for her and tells her that if she sees Batman tell him "you're welcome." as they leave Gotham.

Jason spent the whole night on a date talking with Isabel, the stewardess from the plane. He gets attacked by an alien, so to protect Isabel, he dons his helmet and begins to fight it. Eventually, Starfire comes out from her hotel room and the alien is introduced as Orn, one of Starfire's old friends from Tamaran. Orn tells Starfire a black shadow has fallen upon her old planet. He teleports the Outlaws and Isabel, to Starfire's ship as Roy, Jason and Isabel watch Kori take charge of the ship and prepare to attack the aliens. Jason made sure Isabel was safe when they started the fight. With the alien squadron defeated, Starfire wishes to talk with Roy and Jason. She explains her origin to them and asks because of being traded with no one helping her, should she fight for Tamaran? Jason tells her she has every right to be mad and not help. He even compares it to his former Batman and Joker situation but shows support when Roy tells her she should and he apologizes to Isabel about the whole matter. Jason is seen happy with Isabel, but the Blight attack. So the team defends the ship. After Roy teleports back with a now freed Blackfire, Jason, Roy and the rest of the crew watch as Starfire and Blackfire leave to go save Tamaran.

Jason helps Starfire and Blackfire fight the Blight off on Tamaran. He gets caught by a Blight but is saved by Orn. After the battle, Isabel mentions she wishes she could fill out uniforms like Starfire but Jason remarks she does just fine. Jason and the Outlaws leave Tamaran in a new ship named after Depalo after his brave sacrifice of taking the Starfire ship into the Blight mothership and self-destructing it from the inside out, and head back to Earth, but unbeknownst to them, the Joker sneaks into a hideout and grabs one of the Red Hood masks.

The Outlaws head back towards but are encountered by Superman. Jason tells the Outlaws he is one of the only beings he fears. They teleport back to Earth but Superman is already there waiting. The Outlaws begin an assault on Superman but fail miserably as the Kryptonian is just too powerful. He incapacitates them easily and they finally decide to talk as Superman originally requested. He asks Starfire about any Daemonites which she lies and tells him no. Superman tells them to contact him if anything comes up. The Outlaws drop Jason and Isabel off at her apartment where they get intimate and while Jason goes and takes a shower he comes back in realizes Isabel has been assaulted as she lies on the floor with needles everywhere. The Joker appears on the TV under the guise of a weather man and tells Jason that she is still alive and he has called the EMT's but also the authorities as the authorities head into the room.

Jason fights off the authorities and gets a key to a vehicle where he is attacked by the Joker and taken to an unknown location where through the Joker's prep, Jason is defeated and falls into a room with an unconscious Tim Drake.

After the events of Death of The Family, Jason goes back to Wayne Manor to say goodbye. After talking to: Nightwing, Robin, Alfred and Batman, Jason puts on his helmet and it tightens. The helmet reveals a hologram of The Joker who modified the helmet to do so. The Joker talks about how Jason "played a joke" on him and that he wasn't laughing. The mask starts to give out gas and Jason starts laughing maniacally. Batman and the others rush to help, but it's too late, and Jason falls to the ground with a burnt face. The one that heard the Joker voice was Batman and Robin-Damian. Alfred, Arsenal, Starfire and Batman hold on to him and were shocked to see what happened to Jason Todd just before he left the Wayne Manor with his team.

The Joker planted an acid bomb in the mask, leaving Jason in critical condition. Jason is met by Ducra in a dream world where he must make the choice of living in the past or letting go and going for the future. Jason finally admits he loves his friends and lets go of the past where he finally wakes up and attempts to apologize to Bruce, but Bruce cuts him off and hugs him instead. Bruce brings Jason on a mission where they stop some mercenaries in Ethiopia. It was revealed to be a ruse by Bruce to bring Jason to where he died to try and reawaken a memory so Bruce could bring Damian back to life. Jason and Bruce fight, but Jason eventually stops and takes the car, leaving Bruce to remain by himself.

Roy and Kori make it into the Acres of All in search of Jason. They fight off some creatures, but when a big one shows up, Jason saves them and he has no memory of them. It is revealed that Jason flied to the All-Caste hideaway to find S'aru and have him remove his memories that the darkness has gotten the better of him in his life and S'aru just takes them all. His recent fight with Bruce drove him to do this.

Jason watches as Roy and Kori are taken through Jason's memories by S'aru to understand what he went through and a new revelation came about where Jason saved Roy the day before he left to track his mother. Jason wishes for Roy to just start over but Roy tranqs him and the group is teleported away by S'aru back into mountains with Ducra, Essence, and S'aru watching over them.

3216690-screen shot 2013-08-03 at 12.53.38.png

The group returns to their island base and Jason accesses the files of himself and finds what he has done in the past as a killer. He gets angry at the team and feels like they have been lying, but the group is assaulted by Cheshire, but are helped out by Green Arrow. Cheshire manages to escape, but in the midst of everything Jason ends up secretly leaving as well, stowing himself away on Green Arrow's ship. Jason is soon chased by the League of Assassins and he ends up getting captured and to his surprise is treated kindly. They do end up telling him it is his destiny to lead the League of Assassins against the Untitled; the same group responsible for destroying his prior mentors the All-Caste. Jason is skeptical due to his amnesia, but the League assures him he won't have to worry as the defences around the sacred city are impenetrable, as the technology needed to breach it isn't readily available on Earth. Unbeknownst to them, the Untitled have deceived Roy 'Arsenal' Harper into helping them, playing on Arsenal's loyalty to his friends and his desire to protect the amnesiac Jason. Using his prodigious engineering skills, he designs a weapon to help breach the sacred city and 'rescue' his friend.

DC Comics Rebirth

Red Hood and the Outlaws

For further information: DC Rebirth

The DC Rebirth introduces the revival of Red Hood and the Outlaws. Jason Todd's backstory reverts to his original meeting with Batman occurring while trying to steal tires from the Batmobile. Batman takes him in and raises him as the new Robin, though realizes early on that Jason has a violent streak. After Jason is killed by the Joker and resurrected in the Lazarus Pit, he goes on to become the Red Hood, straining his relationship with Batman. The new team consists of Jason Todd as Red Hood, the disgraced Amazon warrior named Artemis and the Superman clone called Bizarro. This team is referred to as DC's "Dark Trinity" in comparison to the new Trinity series included in DC Rebirth which follows Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

Powers and Abilities

After being taken in by Bruce, Jason received an excellent education and tutoring from both private tutors and Bruce. He has deep knowledge in many subjects, including Science, Math, Medicine, Geography, Criminology, World History and English. As a former Robin, Jason Todd possesses all the skills of someone trained by Batman but lacked the experience of Dick and Tim. After his resurrection, Jason furthered his knowledge in combat by using Talia Al Ghul's fortune to travel the world similar to what his former mentor did, but sought out much deadlier training. Talia also paid for Jason's tutoring in explosives, strategy, poisons, weapons, vehicles, stealth, antitoxins, and surveillance. Jason has trained his body to peak physical condition, being physically superior to most Olympic athletes but that may be due to the healing of the Lazarus Pit. He has returned to Gotham and proved to be an extremely dangerous martial artist. Jason's fighting style focuses on brutality, strength, and speed; he is shown to have studied over half-a dozen fighting styles and has proven to be a master of Aikido, Capoeira, Karate, Ninjutsu, Savate, Krav Maga, Kickboxing, and Tae Kwon Do. With these skills he maintains his place as one of DC's top martial artists. Jason Tood could be considered one of the deadliest pepole in the world.

Jason has a particular taste for deception, and leaves traps for his enemies including: explosives, automated gun turrets, or electrical charges.

Jason's most notable weakness is his rage. Batman and numerous others have told him that his rage blinds him in battle to the point of leaving physical and mental weak points open for attacks. Recently, Jason has made steps to putting the past behind him and has become a more disciplined and controlled fighter as a result of recalling his time with the All-Caste.

Jason also has some magical powers such as materializing swords, enhanced speed, strength and endurance as stated by Supergirl when they worked together in the New 52.


As Robin

Jason received the costume worn by Dick Grayson during his tenure as Robin. The Tunic offers little to no resistance against gunfire. He has a yellow cape, green shorts, and green pixie boots. His utility belt consisted of Batarang, grappling hooks, gas pellets and other bat-related gadgets.

As Red Hood

After his resurrection and return to Gotham, Jason used the guise of Red Hood. The first costume consisted of Jeans, T-Shirt, Biker Jacket, A domino mask that is held in place by Spirit Gum, and The Red Hood Mask. His mask contains a Radio Transmitter and Receiver as well as Night Vision. He has Gauntlets that contain compartments for his weapons, which are deadlier. His weapons of choice are a pair of customized Jericho 941's, fitted with extra serrations and mini red dot sights, an assortment of shurikens, and a flame dagger, a replica of one of Ra's Al Ghul's weapons.

His second costume has the Red Hood Mask, which is still metallic, although it appears to have been modified. He wears a white and Grey costume which also comes with a cape. In the middle of his chest is a Red Skull. He uses lethal force by means of his two red pistols.

The third version of the costume is similar to the first with the exceptions of a red bat emblem on the chest, a brown biker jacket and a more form fitting mask with Jason's mouth visible and a distinct absence of a domino mask underneath instead he has a mask like his old Robin mask under the hood. Jason's new outfit possesses tech and weapons inside it similar to the Batman Beyond suit. So far shown are glider wings housed in the forearms and a grappling hook with reticle aimer on the left forearm. Jason's helmet or "hood" provides a moderate degree of protection. When a Talon stabbed it with a knife cracking it, Jason was shocked that a knife was able to do that and stated that no knife should able to crack his hood.

As Red Robin

This costume consists of a Red Tunic with gray pants. The utility belt is larger and contains circular throwing discs. The cowl is much like Batman's, minus the ears. The cape also seconds as a glider.

As Batman

His costume is a very militaristic version of the Bat-Suit. Features heavy armor in both gray and black. The ears are shorter, and there is no opening by the mouth, but is protected by an armored covering instead. His lenses were tinted red to strike fear into the criminals. He carries two pistols and his utility belt is seen to have other lethal weapons. Much like the Red Hood mask, Jason wears a domino mask under the cowl as well.


Height: 6'0"

Weight: 190 lbs

Eyes: Blue or Gray (depending on the colorist)

Hair: Black. It was red in Pre-Crisis continuity and briefly was restored in regular continuity until the Flashpoint revamp set it back to black.

Unusual Features: Jason briefly had a gray or white streak in his hair from his revival in a Lazarus Pit, but this feature was dropped from the character as it made him look older.

Other Versions

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

In Frank Miller's critically acclaimed graphic novel, Jason Todd had died in the line of duty. This story was produced before A Death in the Family. Jason's death is revealed to have been what pushes the Batman into retirement.


Talking to Traci 13
Talking to Traci 13

In the Flashpoint timeline created by unintentionally by Barry Allen, Jason Todd was never taken in by Batman, who was not even Bruce Wayne in this reality. Jason ended up falling in with the Church of Bloodrun by Brother Blood. He mysteriously still died and resurrected, and his hair bore a white streak, suggesting he was brought back by a Lazarus Pit.

After his resurrection, Jason was taken in by the church, where he turned his life around and became a priest. In this capacity, he counseled a distraught Traci 13.


On an Earth where the younger generation had stepped up to carry the mantles of their mentors, Jason Todd was Batman. This Jason carried Bruce's same grim demeanor and was a superior hand to hand fighter. This Earth was destroyed by Superboy-Prime.

Other Media


Batman: Under The Red Hood

For further details: Batman: Under the Red Hood

Jason's Death
Jason's Death

Jason Todd appears for the first time in the DC Animated Original Movie Batman: Under the Red Hood. This version is voiced by Jensen Ackles, while his younger versions of Robin are voiced by Vincent and Alexander Martella. His first Robin costume is the same one used by Dick Grayson and his second is the later version of Tim Drake's with small changes such as the length/style of the cape, and dark green coloring instead of black. In the film, Jason is kidnapped and beaten half to death by the Joker in a warehouse while Batman is racing to save him on his Batcycle, but is unable to get to him in time as the building explodes after the Joker leaves. Batman holds Jason in his arms, in grief.

Five years after, the Red Hood arrives to Gotham and sets up a meeting with the city's drug dealers and makes a deal with them: if they give him 40% of their earnings, he will give them protection under one condition, no dealing to children or the Red Hood would kill them. Red Hood get's Batman's attention after the Dark Knight fights an Amazo but gets away. Black Mask is angered that his Amazo was destroyed and wants the Red Hood taken out, meanwhile Red Hood hijacks one of Black Mask's helicopters and confronted by Batman and Nightwing, chasing him over the city. Batman recorded the chase and discovers that Red Hood knows his identity.

Black Mask starts attacking the Red Hood's business areas and sends assassins (the Fearsome Hand of Four) after him but Batman manages to arrive and the two fight them off together, and Red Hood kills one of them. After the fight, Red Hood explains that he is in Gotham to clean it up better than Batman ever did, by controlling crime instead of fighting it.

Batman gets a blood sample of the Red Hood from a sword used in the fight and finds the DNA matches Jason Todd, finding out that Ra's Al Ghul resurrected Jason through means of the Lazarus Pits out of guilt for hiring the Joker and setting him loose, costing Jason's life in the first place. Jason returned to life but was mentally unstable and threw himself out of a window, presuming him dead but managed to survive and make his way to Gotham.

Attempt on Black Mask.
Attempt on Black Mask.

After Black Mask hires the Joker, Joker turns against his employer and ties him and his men up in a truck to be set ablaze. Red Hood reveals to Joker that he knew Black Mask would be desperate enough to hire him to draw him out of Arkham. During the chaos, Red Hood kidnaps Joker and beats him with a crowbar in an abandoned apartment to mimic the way Joker killed Jason Todd, even to the extent of asking him which part hurts, Part A or Part B?

Red Hood is found by Batman and the two engage in battle. Red Hood removes his mask and reveals himself to be Jason as Batman had figured, and triggers an explosive function in his helmet to throw off Batman, and the fight leads back to where the Joker is being held. (A common known error in the animation is when Batman and Red Hood are fighting in a bathroom with no entrances except the window.)

Jason tells Batman that he forgives him for failing to save him but is angered by the fact the Joker is still alive after what he did to him as Robin.

"Ignoring what he's done in the past; blindly, stupidly disregarding the entire graveyards he's filled... the thousands who have suffered... the friends he's crippled! I thought...I thought I'd be the last person you'd ever let him hurt. If it had been you that he'd beaten to a bloody pulp, if he had taken you from this world, I would have done NOTHING but search the planet for this PATHETIC PILE OF EVIL DEATH-WORSHIPPING GARBAGE! And send him off to Hell!"

Finally Revealed
Finally Revealed

Jason gives Batman a gun and gives him an ultimatum: to either let Jason kill Joker once and for all or have Batman kill Jason to spare Joker's life. As Jason fires at Batman for refusing to choose, the Dark Knight dodges the bullet, throws a batarang at Jason's gun barrel which explodes and injures Jason's hand, but Jason rigs the place to explode soon after. Batman manages to pull both out in time, but after the explosion, Jason disappears. The ending scene is a flashback in which Jason Todd is shown to be excited to be Robin for the first time, in which he exclaims : "This is the best day of my life", as a ironic approach to the final outcome in Jason Todd turning into the Red Hood.

Batman movies (1990's)

In this adaptation of the Batman universe, Dick Grayson's character has anger issues and grudge against Two-Face much like Jason Todd. There are clear instances where the Jason Todd's character comes out, especially in the 1997 Batman and Robin, where he disobeys Batman from time to time.

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Three in One
Three in One

In the final installation to Nolan's trilogy, Joseph Gordon Levitt plays a rookie police officer named John Blake who's real name is revealed to be "Robin" at the end of the film. It has been analyzed and speculated by many fans of both the comics and the trilogy that Blake's character shares many elements from the first three Robins. Jason Todd's character and Blake's character share many of the same characteristics such as the rough orphaned origin and self-professed anger issues.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Jason's vandalized Robin costume is briefly seen on display when Batman is seen looking at it.

Suicide Squad (2016)

Harley Quinn's file reveals that she was somehow involved in Jason's death.


The New Batman Adventures

Tim Drake's character reminds many of Jason Todd, while still having some traditional Drake attributes. He is depicted as having a deep hatred for Two-Face, calling him Puke-Face. His parents were killed, contrary to the comic counter-part. Although he does honor the code more than Jason did, there are still instances when he disobeys Batman.

Teen Titans


Jason Todd appeared very briefly on Beast Boy's board of Red X suspects. However, this is probably not the case since the Robin in Teen Titans is Dick Grayson, and older than Red X, when Red X calls Dick a "kid". The only skeptical area is how Red X has the same fighting style as Dick Grayson.

Birds of Prey

Jason Todd is noted in passing in the second episode of the short-lived series. It is unknown if the character was alive or dead. When Helena Wayne ( Huntress) talks about how she was brought up, Barbara Gordon mentions Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, and Jason Todd and even herself as proof that crime-fighting isn't a tradition, but a legacy.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

In the episode "Emperor Joker", a statue depicting Jason's death is shown as part of Bat-Mite's extra-dimensional museum. Bat-Mite briefly references the vote that resulted in Todd's demise and claims to have participated in the poll.

Jason's memorial
Jason's memorial

Young Justice: Invasion

In the episode "Satisfaction", an image of Jason Todd as Robin is seen as part of the JLA's memorial grotto in Happy Harbor. The current Robin, Tim Drake, is shown staring at the picture while Jaime Reyes gives Bart Allen a tour of the room.

New Teen Titans

In one of the shorts for the DC Nation block on Cartoon Network, Jason is teased as one of the possible identities of Red X, mirroring the possibility that was raised in the original Teen Titans cartoon. The Titans initially believe him to be Jason, but this turns out to be a mask. At the end of the short, Beast Boy reaffirms his belief that he really is Jason.

Teen Titans Go!

Jason's "cameo"

In the episode "Sidekick," Jason's ashes can be seen inside an urn marked "Robin II." Humorously, the crowbar that killed Jason can be seen next to the urn. His tombstone is later shown in the episode "Salty Codgers."

Video Games


In Arkham City, DLC 'The Joker's Carnival', Joker will boast about killing Jason Todd in the beginning sequence if Tim Drake is chosen as the playable character. The following quote is from the game; Joker: Didn't I kill you already? No? Well there's always next time, right? Ladies and Gentlemen, put your hands together for... Robin!

Cain & Abel: The Duality of Man
Cain & Abel: The Duality of Man

In the beginning chapter of Catwoman's story arc, a large painting is shown covering the vault that she is trying to break into. The painting itself shows Cain carrying Abel in a pose similar to Batman carrying Jason in A Death in the Family. This painting also foreshadows the controversial ending of the game itself.


In Arkham Knight, the final installment of the Arkham series. Jason Todd is revealed to be 'The Arkham Knight', which is the 2nd antagonist in the game. The Arkham Knight was Jason Todd who was kidnapped by the Joker and tortured and shot by the Joker in 'Arkham Asylum', The Joker sent videos of Jason's death to Batman to get to him. Joker brainwashed Jason to hate Bruce and even get close enough to telling him Batman's identity before Joker shot Jason Todd; sending that video to Batman, making Bruce think Jason is dead. When Bruce then takes Tim Drake under his wing, it infuriates Jason Todd which he dons The Red Hood persona and later dons The Arkham Knight persona which he alliances with Scarecrow to takeover Gotham and break & kill Batman. He forms a militia,; trains them in the way that Batman trained himself and designed a more high-tech bat suit for himself with gadgets and weapons. With the Arkham Knight's suit, it's ears are supposed to mock Batman's and the Arkham sign written over his chest is supposed to keep the events of Arkham franchise in Bruce's head. At the end of the game, after Bruce defeats Jason and stops his army. Bruce is kidnapped by Scarecrow which results in a broken Jason saving him.

In a DLC set before the events of Arkham Knight, you can play as him in his Red Hood persona against Black Mask and his organization.

Heroclixs Board Game

in 2008 a seres called Crisis. Jason Todd as the Red Hood was made in the series with his hand on the mailbox jumping with a aussult rifle in his hand to attack. He was also made in the Teen Titans pack in 2013 of the DC New 52 pack holding a Japanese samrai sword and a gun and standing on a roof of a buliding.

Injustice: God's Among Us

Although not officially a playable character in the game yet (it was rumored that Jason Todd would make an appearance as a DLC character later on however it was confirmed that Lobo, Batgirl, Zod, Martian Manhunter, Scorpion, and Zatanna were the only ones) there are a few references to Jason Todd all of which ironically come from the Joker himself. In the game one of Joker's main weapons is his infamous crowbar likely the same one used to bash in Jason Todd's skull in the storyline A Death in the Family. Another reference that further proves this claim is dialogue used by Joker within the storyline when Damian Wayne compares Joker to Batman to which Joker denies. Surprised Damian asks if Joker is a hero in his alternate world to which Joker cheerfully responds: "Oh no dear boy. It's just that.. Batman likes to corrupt young minds while I bash them out of their skulls.", and obvious nod at the death of Jason Todd once more. The final connection to Jason Todd in the game is Joker's alternate "Red Hood" costume. Joker originally was the first one to don the red helmet and cape, but Jason Todd is the one who currently dons the alias so the connection is undeniable. Jason Todd makes his first official appearance in the game as the playable "Arkham Knight."

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