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Janis lived in New Orleans with her boyfriend Xavier. He was a voodoo priest, a man of quiet power and confidence, and that greatly appealed to Janis. For her part, Janis was a sweet young woman whose main motivation in life was to help other people feel better.

When her friend Dee had trouble letting go of an abusive boyfriend, Janis found something from Xavier's voodoo library to help. When a hideously deformed young man nicknamed Arseface came to town, she told him where the best gumbo could be found - a great departure from the usual reactions of people, who either turned away in disgust or vomited at the sight of him.

All her good deeds, however, couldn't protect her. A group of people, including Xavier's old friend Cassidy, came to New Orleans looking for some voodoo to help Jesse Custer. Cassidy's arrival got the attention of Les Enfents du Sang, who wanted revenge for humiliation years before.

They attacked during Jesse's ritual, bringing guns and blades. In the ensuing gunfight, Janis was shot and killed.

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