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Janis and Tara
Origin T.C. Fremont financed the purchase of an Island off the coast of Florida for his daughter Tara. Its Jungle Island, the world's most unusual wildlife preserve. Janis Lawson has been hired to assist Tara. 
Janis fighting
As Tara, she has the typical physical body and fighting skills of protagonist of the jungle genre. She's little weaker and less muscular than Tara, but she's doing more and more with time. Janis wins most of her battles 1 - 1, even if her oponent is a man. On different occasions, she helped Tara to protect the island when threatened or attacked. 
Janis is present at all time on the island, with some exceptions. Over the adventures, we realize that Janis really cares for Tara. Is that Janis is in love with her? Yes.

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