Questions for James Robinson for Today's Podcast: 5/4/12

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James Robinson is making it two weeks in a row for the Comic Vine podcast. As promised last week, he is set to return today to discuss EARTH 2. If you have any questions on that, Shade or any other burning life questions, you can ask below. Obviously he will not be able to answer everything, spoilers, etc.

We will be recording at noon PT so be sure to ask before then!

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Hello James!

Will we learn how parallel Earth 2 and Earth (main) are? By that I mean how similar are the two earths?

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Are proud of Cry for Justice?
Or can you admit it's one of the worst of the worst?

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With the first issue of Earth 2, it's made very clear that Earth 2 and Earth Prime, or whatever it's called, are very very different. Are there going to be any parallel characters between Earth 2 and Earth Prime besides the big three, or are all of the heroes in the book going to be made of exclusively of JSA characters?

Also, excellent first issue. I'm very excited to see where this book goes from here and was happy to see that it wasn't at all what I was expecting and almost exactly what I was hoping for.

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Can you talk a little about how you conceptualize new heroes (or more diverse versions of previous heroes) for a world like Earth 2? What kind of balance between preserving the old and embracing the new are you looking to strike in relation to race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.?

Matt (FotoCub)

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Hi! Here are my questions for James.

1. Can you confirm or deny if the Earth 2 Superman's really dead?

2. If not Steppenwolf then who is that mystery figure that Karen and Helena saw before they got boom tubed to Earth Prime?

3. Is Helena's mother dead?

4. Are there any plans for Stargirl and/or Maxine or it'll be Star Spangled Kid and Ma Hunkel?

5. Are Karen and Helena presumed dead on Earth 2 now or are they aware that they just vanished?

6. Not a question but just wanna say that Earth 2 is awesome. Thanks to you and Nicola Scott! Congratulations! :)

Looking forward to the next issue(s) of Earth 2 and Worlds' Finest too!

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Firstly, Earth-2 was awesome, props on that.

  1. Keeping it vague, for story purposes, do you have any plans to introduce (other) "legacy" characters to the Earth-2 books? (To specify, I mean Wally West, Dick Grayson type characters, as well as the likes of Sandy Hawkins).
  2. If you were to write a Hawkman book, is there any particular direction you want to take/ any aspect you want to explore.
  3. If you had written the Hawkman book post-Flashpoint and the "Nth Metal inside Carter's body" had been pitched to you, would you have taken it. (Taking into account the context of your direction, of course).
  4. How long is the first arc and will all the characters you're going to be working with prominently have been introduced by then?

Thanks James, and awesome job on the revised Jay Garrick origin. Very Appealing.

EDIT: Oh yes, I can't forget: Are you hungover? If you are, please lie. =P

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Loved the first issue of Earth 2, so glad that your writing an ongoing new 52 book.

  1. Any word on if The Shade will be collected in trade when this run finishes? I really really want a hard cover of it.
  2. Did I imagine it or did you say before that your writing an arc of DC presents with Vandal Savage? If so is there anything you can tell us about that?
  3. And finally, how different are the Tony, Sara, Corey and Comic Vine of Earth 2 to this earth?
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Hey James,

Can you please tell us about how Nicola Scott was brought on for this book? She was a great choice!

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My last week question seemed to go over well, and I was happy it got some laughs. It will be hard to match that.



This question is for everyone. Is there any romantic relationship from comics that you remember that felt completely unbelievable or just plain forced?

If Mr. Robinson could take everyone in the room, including himself; and pair them up with a separate character from Earth 2, who would they be and how would it all end?

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Are we going to see a flashback dealing with the Trinity before the events of the first issue?
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Hi, that Dernman here I Just have to say I loved Earth 2. You took a book I wasn't really interested in and and turned it into something I'm immediately putting on my list of books to get.. Although a fan of all the trinity I'm glad they wont be the focus of this book and what you are doing to the other JSA characters is something that should have been done long ago IMO. Love how you changed Jay from just another speed force clone and tied his origin/powers to the god Mercury. 
1 Will you be putting the characters of Earth 2 in a JSA team making it a team book or dealing with the Earth 2 as a whole and characters individually? Kinda like running an universe in one book as apposed to running a universe over several books.
2 Will we find out if other gods have passed on their powers to other heroes or villains any time soon?
3 Did any of the gods survive or were they all wiped out?

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What does the Shade think of Shade the Changing Man? Or S.H.A.D.E. for that matter?

Any Earth 2 plans for characters like Johnny Quick or the Paul Kirk version of Manhunter? Or even more obscure ones like Gimmix or Doiby Dickles?

Are the Golden Age Quality Comics characters fair game for Earth 2?

Have you devised a way for Jack Knight's adventures as Starman to still exist in the new continuity?

Thanks, I've enjoyed your work for a long time. Earth 2 and The Shade are great, I'm looking forward to DCU Presents and He-Man.

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I always thought that the JSA was more of a family rather than a team. Will we eventually get that dynamic between team members later on in the series? Thanks. Earth 2 was awesome. Keep up the good work.

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The Shade maxiseries is so good it hurts, best comicbook out right now, and Earth 2 was glorious.

Question: How much liberty do you have on Earth 2? Can you bring in any character you want and do everything you prefer with them, or do you have some limitations?

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I did post a question in the post for last weeks podcast and maybe that's not really a question for James but here it is again:

Here's a question to ask James next week. He may not be the best person to ask but he will probably have an idea. When characters are shown shaking hands in comics, why are they usually using their left hands? I can't think of a reasonable reason why this mistake is always overlooked.

Also, Justice Society had like 30 characters at any particular time, will Earth 2 focus on any particular core group of characters or will it focus on the reintroduction of superheros at large on this Earth?

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Will Ted Grant have a role as big as Alan Scott and Jay Garrick?

Will Terry Sloane have a role in Earth 2?

Is the Guardian the Harper with Al Pratt?

Where there any heroes before Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman? And when did those three started they're carrers?

Thanks! :)

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