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James Ransom was chosen by Martians of another reality to be the one to open a gateway from their world to ours so they could take over here. He was given the ability to allow things from parallel universes to come to whichever one he was in. When his powers first manifested and before he knew about them, his love for the Ripper was unintentionally bringing alternate versions of the killer on other Earth's to Marvel Earth 616. After he was incarcerated he learned to use his power better and when he was freed he was able to bring through anything that was around, not just Rippers. He says he feel his way around universes finding the bits he can use and then brings them to him. When Pete Wisdom tried to force him to work with MI-13 to find someone, Ransom brought over three units from the Fifth Mechanized Roman Infantry of the Britannia Garrison, giant robots dressed in ancient Roman outfits. Another time, when a guard tried to keep him out of a building, he found a parallel universe that had a railway right where the man was standing and sent a train flying at him. He later used a flying carpet from a reality where the things were like taxi's. After all this fooling around he served his real purpose and opened a doorway to the Martian's reality and let them through so they could terrorize Earth 616. When the Martians were through he asked for his reward. All he got was death.

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