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Jakob is a meta-human for hire who can read peoples minds, shape-shift into a giant bug like creature who eats his victims and regurgitates them in a impregnable cocoon.

Jakob appears in public like a short elderly old man who wears sunglasses and a wide brim hat. When Jakob transforms into his other form he it monstrous in size and grows extra appendages. He mouth also widens to the point where he can consume his victim whole.

Major Story Arcs

Nightwing: Brothers in Blood

When Dick Grayson comes to New York City he and Jason Todd cause trouble for the Pierce Brother, so they contract out help from Jakob. His first job is to watch a tape of Nightwing and Jason, dressed like Nightwing and descide who the real Nightwing is. He chooses correctly and as a gift he gets to eat Lonnie, one of the Pierce Brother's employees who tried to double cross them.

Jakob later tracks Jason down and ambushes him, and consumes him. Jakob then goes back the the Pierce Brothers where he regurgitates Jason, then waits for Nightwing to arrive.

Nightwing and Cheyenne Freemont show up the next day, after some creepy flurting with Cheyenne, Jakob consumes her. This time Cheyenne uses her meta-power of creating energy to make Jakob explode from the inside, killing him.


Jakob can change shape from human to large bug-like creature.

He can consume his victim and regurgitate the victim in a viscous sac. After 24 hours the sac hardens to a consistency of industrial epoxy and the embryonic oxygen expires killing the victim inside

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