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Jake snaps
Jake snaps

Jake Chill grew up almost near the bottom of Neo-Gotham and dug his way out by working as a security guard for Wayne-Powers. Through a series of promotions he earned a spot on Derek Powers' "quiet squad." Under the command of Mr. Fixx, they went on missions to intimidate Power's enemies. On one mission, Mr. Fixx tells Jake to kill a man after they had questioned him unsuccessfully. Jake does and the guilt causes him to begin drinking heavily. With the return of Batman soon after, the squad is fired and Jake descends to the lower levels of the city with only his drinking for comfort. Returning to his home one night, Jake finds three burglars stealing his last possessions and he snaps, subduing all three. After the fight he realizes he still has something to offer society and using Batman's suit as a base, Jake modifies his "quiet squad" armor for more intensive combat. Trying to make up for his past actions, Jake now protects Neo-Gotham as Vigilante.

Major Story Arcs

10,000 Clowns

Vigilante as part of Batman's response team
Vigilante as part of Batman's response team

As Vigilante, Jake was in pursuit of a Joker fleeing a suicide bombing on Level Sixteen. Batman also arrived on the scene and only seeing Jake fleeing the scene assumes he is the bomber. After a few punches and batarangs, Vigilante convinces Batman that he is on his side and they both go in pursuit of the Joker who got away. When they apprehend her, she mentions a Joker King and then blows herself up. Vigilante recognizes from his "quiet squad" days that she had a drugged look in her eye and informs Batman. When Batman receives a call from Commisioner Gordon that there have been multiple bombings across the city, they split up to cover more area. Vigilante saves a train from a bomber by brutally beating him down in front of the Commisioner and twelve Jokerz later, reunites with Batman, now joined by Dick Grayson and Catwoman. As Dick and Batman fought with the Joker King, Vigilante and Catwoman continued clearing the city of Jokerz. When Commissioner Gordon came to pick up the Jokerz they had restrained, she warned Vigilante that the GCPD only tolerates a few vigilantes. He replies, whether she tolerates it or not he'll be around and flies off.

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