One of the best?

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Does anyone else feel that Jae Lee is one of the best artists in comics right now?

After reading Gunslinger Born (which is eye-candy at it's finest) and continuing it with Long Road Home, I'm at a loss to describe many people who can compete with him in sheer quality of art. His style is very unique, with a "realistic" look to it that can still work in a comic (surpassing Alex Ross in that regard, IMO).

Thoughts on his artistic abilities? Yay? Nay?

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I can't believe no one else has written  comment on this forum.  I have been a Jae Lee fan from his work on X-Factor during the X-cutioner cross over.  He drew an insane Arch-Angel and then a fight scene bettween Cable, and Wolverine and Bishop that was great, and also about 15 years ago.  I followed him on his Image comic that he created and never went beyond 3 issues called Hellshock.  If you want something good by him go pick the Inhumans trade.  It's about 12 issues in one book and it's loooong, but it's great.
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I honestly like his older stuff like what he did on Namor and X-Factor but if you like his new stuff he did a mini with Hulk and Thing that was good.

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@Watch Dog: I do enjoy his older stuff but I can get behind is new art too
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@Leliel: did you read his Namor stuff the first two arks were good and the third kinda trailed off but that's not his fault.
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His artwork is inspiring!

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I feel so sad for comics that only have his art on the cover... it makes the internal art look so inferior!

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i LOVE his art. i think hes my fav artist right now.
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When I saw his Batman, I was shocked with amazement

#10 Posted by xerox_kitty (17340 posts) - - Show Bio
Deadpool Pulp #4
I always loved his work on the Inhumans.  It really pushed him from being an edgy & experimental artist on X-Factor to a formidable & yet delicate artist capable of conveying so much emotion. 
His work on the recent Wolverine & Deadpool Pulp covers have continued to blow me away.
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I'm am just fascinated by Jae Lee's art. Here's a new example of some beautiful work.....




and here's one from the Hellshock series he did in the 90's....




Yeah this guy can draw.....

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