So...Any Recommended Comics on Her Adventures?

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Yeah, umm, hopefully it's no secret that although I can name at least twenty Green Lanterns (most of them the hot ones whose galleries caught my eye and therefore I read their bios) I'm no veteran on the Lanterns. Anyways, enough about my personal life...I decided that, you know, the art in the current GL run is really nice...but obviously I'm not going to read that garbage since a certain Geoff Johns writes it (the bold statement is proof that Methos has been using subliminal messages to change my thought processes for me, who knows how he may have manipulated you too!).

Back to the I still want to read something GL-related, just so I can say I, I chose Jade even though she's not necessarily always Corps-oriented in her comics. Anyways, has anyone read enough of her stories to name a particular series/run where she's featured to amazingness. 'Cause than I want to read said series/run.

DISCLAIMER: You are all free to throw out opinions, though be warned that I may not necesarrily care for your opinions (for example if you dislike Vertigo) but otherwise I'll gladly accept your recommendations!

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Moi? manipulative...

Why Aztek... you certainly know all the right things to say...

*bats his eyelids at Aztek*

Anyway, on a serious note...

Her run with the Outsides is definitely worth a read, it deals a lot more with her background and exploring her character than any GL run did...

also, the Heart of Darkness arc is definitely worth a read as it goes into the Starheart with a massive amount of detail

I'll go through my old V3 run of Green Lantern and have a definitive issue list for you in a couple of days


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I was almost disappointed there when I saw you didn't bust out the extremely detailed chronological list :p

but I can wait a few more days for it I guess...having no idea what "the Heart of Darkness arc" is...

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Hmmm... asking for information about a comic arc i mentioned... now, if there was only a kick ass comic website that chronicalled all the issues and arcs within any given published series... then you could just search for the comic and find out everything about the arc mentioned...

Anyone know a comic database like that around?


Heart of Darkness


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well, sooooorry...I figured it was some four issue long run amidst the hundreds of Green Lantern issues so searching it wouldn't have found me thanks for the link :D

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give me a few days and i'll have a full list of all Jade's important arcs for you...

there is a really important issue about her past and attempted child molestation... but i can't remember the soddin' issue number lol


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i would love to read a tale centered on Jade. Any suggestions?

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