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Jabba is known as a Hutt, a slug like species that originated on the planet of Varl. Jabba was one of the most notorious Hutt crime lords in the galaxy, who governed a large criminal empire located in the Outer Rim. Jabba the Hutt was powerful enough to command respect and payment from the Galaxy's ruling government.


During the Clone Wars the Republic went to great lengths to avoid Jabba's displeasure. Jabba later placed a hefty death mark on Han Solo, a former employee who was a smuggler, who lost a load of spice to an Imperial patrol vessel. Jabba would finally get his revenge on Solo when Han Solo was frozen in carbonite and delivered to him by Boba Fett, the most revered bounty hunter in the galaxy. The Hutt was greatly pleased with Han Solo's delivery, and made the carbon-frozen captive into his "favorite decoration," having him hung on a wall in his audience chamber. But Jabba eventually finds out with a hologram projection that Luke Skywalker and his friends wanted Han back. Luke Skywalker sent R2-D2 and C-3PO to Jabba with a message, and as a gift. Jabba refuses to bargain with Luke which would result in having to come to Jabba's Palace in person.

After the Hutt put C-3PO and R2-D2 to work Jabba watched and listened to the Max Rebo band and his personal Twi'Lek slave girl Oola dance. During Oola's dance Jabba pulled on her chain, and Oola refused to come any closer to Jabba, as a result he pulled her to the trap door and dropped her into the Rancor pit, where she would be fed to his Rancor because of her defiance. After the death of Oola, Princess Leia Organa, disguised as the bounty hunter Boushh, brought Chewbacca as her "prisoner". Jabba and the ersatz Boushh bargained over the price on the Wookiee's head, eventually agreeing on 35,000 credits after the bounty hunter pulled a thermal detonator out and threatened to activate it. Chewbacca was sent to prison, while Boushh remained in the Palace, waiting for evening. Later that night, Leia sneeked to Han Solo's carbonated body and thawed him out of the block of carbonite that he was in. However, Jabba caught her. Han tried to bargain with the gangster, saying that he was sidetracked, but Jabba said it was too late. Coincidentally, Han was put in the same cell as Chewbacca. Leia was confronted by Jabba, who had asked his guards to bring her to him. Leia was brought to Jabba who had "kissed" her (by licking her "squarely on the lips"), Jabba had Leia stripped naked by several other of his female slave dancers, and made her his new slave girl. He had her dressed in a slave girl outfit, and chained her scantily clad body to his throne.

Leia and Chewie
Leia and Chewie

When Luke arrived he had tried to bargain with Jabba but was no use Jabba simply would not bargain with Luke. Luke demanded the return of Solo and the Wookiee, warning that Jabba would be destroyed if he didn't comply. Jabba laughed after hearing Luke's threat. As a result Luke Force pulled a gun from a neighboring guard named Nizuc Bek, Jabba caused the young Jedi and a nearby Gamorrean named Jubnuk to drop down a trap door, into the lair of Jabba's rancor. The rancor ate Jubnuk first as Jabba laughed in amusement, then went for Luke. After bashing its claw with a rock and ramming a bone into its mouth, Luke ran between the monster's legs to the other side of the monster's lair. There, he managed to kill the ferocious beast by destroying the control panel for the door thus dropping a gate on the monster; the sharp points at the bottom of the door piercing the beast's skull and killed it. Leia, who had half strangled herself to watch Luke because Jabba kept her very close on her leash, was relieved to see Luke survive, but was strangled by a furious Jabba, struggling his advances to force her to lean against his body while he stroked her bare shoulder. A infuriated Jabba, translated through Threepio, stating that Solo, Chewbacca, and Luke were to be taken to the Great Pit of Carkoon, to be fed to the sarlacc. Only Leia, Jabba's new slave, was spared from execution as Jabba found her attractive and had better plans for his "pet," and as everyone crowded off to the Sail Barge, Jabba yanked Leia's chain, forcing her half-naked form to fall back against his belly, and he once again rubbed her bare shoulder. Jabba and his entourage traveled aboard Khetanna, his private sail barge to watch to watch the execution, while the prisoners were carried to their doom on a smaller skiff.

On the way, Leia watched out the window as Han and Luke discussed their imminent death...or possible rescue. Jabba pulled on Leia's chain, wanting her close, but she glared back at him and ignored his latest advance, making him laugh. He pulled her chain again, and this time overpowered her, making her turn from the window and run to his throne, leap up on top of it, and press her half-naked body against his bloated, slimy exterior once again. In his embrace, Jabba told her she'd soon learn to appreciate him, and forced her to drink wine from his goblet. She did so without objection. When they reached the pit, Jabba offered the prisoners a chance to beg for mercy. Luke warned Jabba one last time, but the Hutt ignored him and laughed and ordered them to be thrown in. Just as Luke was to be thrown to the sarlacc, R2-D2, who was working on the sail barge at that time, launched Luke's lightsaber from a hidden compartment in his dome. Luke immediately launched an attack against the skiff guards, causing a state of panic to break out onboard Khetanna. Amid the chaos, Leia shorted the lighting system, distracting Jabba. During the distraction, Leia jumped over Jabba's tail, wrapped her slave chain around the Hutt, and proceeded to strangle him to death. After being freed from her restraints by R2-D2, Leia and Luke met on the top deck of Jabba's Sail Barge. Luke had Leia point the deck gun into the bowels of the ship and set it off. Escaping to one of the skiffs, the successful rebels sped away from the exploding sail barge

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