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The saga of J2 begins! Zane Yama is a young man destined for a super powered life- after all…he is the son of the Unstoppable Juggernaut! Zane discovers his unusual abilities and super hero persona, in this jam-packed inaugural issue!

The first adventures of J2 in the MC2 universe.

Zane Yama (or Marko) is a young student in a average school of NYC. But his father is the legendary Juggernaut, foe and also friend of the X-Men. He lives with this secret with Montana, his friend , Talia, the girl he has the crush for and Miller, the boy who terrified him.

But, suddenly, he discovers he could transformed himself in a huge and brawny man, a perfect match of his father. Even if his first transformation forced him to run, totally naked, throught his entire school, he quickly mades a costume.

He first uses his power fighting Rollerblast who tries to steal a amusement park's takings. The bad thing is that Miller become accidentaly a hero too after his victory and even if J2 becomes a hero, Zane Yama is watched like a coward.

The learning of the heroism is cruel for Zane.

And he also drawns the attention of the X-Men team of MC2, the uncanny X-People

Plus, a preview for Spider-girl 2.

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