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Ivy has a young daughter whom she misses spending time with due to the pressures and abrupt nature of her job. She owns and flys her own single prop airplane that she uses to get to where she is needed quickly. 
Ivy is a highly skilled and perceptive tracker. She discerns a lot about Julie's lifestyle and personality after scant minutes in her truck. She even quickly finds Dillon via his disposable mobile phone and gets a message to them that the suit Julie wears is radio active and they need to come in. 
She follow the trail of carnage left by Cain at the motel and Ivy reports back to Dr Foster at HENRI and tells him what she knows, so much more than he gave her to start with, but with more background she renews her search. 
Ivy calls Julie and tells her she just wants to get them to safety while she sits next to Pam. Ivy tells her she has no intentions of hurting Pam but if she found her then others will once this becomes a bigger incident.   When they refuse to come in she tracks them down with her plane from the blast left between Julie's battles with Cain.

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