Ultimate Iron Man armor

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I have a question for anyone who is a fan and/or knowledgeable about the Universe (particularly Tony Stark).

What are feats of his armor? What can it do?

The only thing I know about it is (any version):

  • Class 100 strength
  • Strength increased with "Hearken Guantlets" upgrade in Iron Patriot armor
  • "Andromeda Storm" attacks which shoots a rain of fire downwards
  • "Radiant Wave Attack" which is basically like repulsors. It has been shown to hold against a gem powered Abigail Brand temporarily. Maybe it's a radiation/heat based attack. From what I hear his standard repulsors are concussive attacks (like 616 version).
  • Thought Scramblers- in name
  • Genetic Lock- attempts to cut superpowered beings from their powers.
  • Light Negativity- Temporary invisibility.
  • Has 2 hours of Oxygen allowing him to travel in space or underwater
  • Deflector Dish-emits forcefield
  • Force Bubble-Captures foes

.......And that's all I got.

Oh,and the basics like flight,invulnerability,repulsors,missiles,etc.

Anyone have anything else?

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