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I have recently finished my great Wonder Woman project and I am a little bit adrift for something to sink my teeth into in the meantime.  Two of the non Wonder Woman story arcs which interest me at the moment are For Tomorrow and Stark Resilient.  So far I have picked up both and will probably have some thoughts on both when I am finishing reading them, but for the time being I have only reviewed the first issue of Stark Resilient.  It sort of acts as a reboot for the character, but one thing I found most interesting is Tony's concept to offer free energy to everyone which will absolve the world from the dependence on other forms of energy.  Of course not everyone is happy with this idea. 

 As usual, I love when comics mirror real world events and act as something of a social commentary and this is acts as a good parallel to a lot of stuff that is going on in society at the moment.  In the U.S.A. congress has just repealed a bill designed to implement fluorescent lightbulbs for no other real reason than the coal industry wants them to.  The coal industry is not happy with the concept of people paying less in electrical bills because it will mean less money for them.  So even though the older Edison style lightbulbs are horribly inefficient (as you can tell with how much energy is converted to heat instead of light) they are now being reintroduced (by the way they also last for a substantially shorter lifespan.)   Another one of the energy companies (Talisman) has been publishing a colouring book for children called "Talisman Terry's Energy Adventure" in which Terry, a fracosaurus, explains the benefits of fracturing (or frac'ing) as a method of natural gas extraction.  Here is a sample page: 
Awww! A Rainbow!
Awww! A Rainbow!
Essentially here in the real world, the established order is fighting against something which is threatening their interests (ability to sustain moneymaking.)  In the comics it is taken a step farther by being portrayed as a threat to security, which of course others believe in very strongly was the reason to invade Iraq (that being that the oil there is a strategic resource.)   I am always happy when I see art imitating life in such a way, even if it is a lone comic book issue.   
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Pretty cool that you're reading Resilient. Pretty much all the Iron Man stories try to incorporate a bit of realism well at least the past few years since I've been reading. If you like it, I'd recommend checking out World's Most Wanted arc for Invincible Iron Man which was my favourite but Stark Resilient was pretty fun too!

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@RazzaTazz: You should read the Extremis.I thought Resilient was ok.But Extremis is where its at

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