The Next (Logical) Evolution of Iron Man

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I think Tony Stark has sufficient intelligence to breach the technological singularity by inventing a computer more powerful than the human brain (even his own) and creating a mind-machine interface capable of uploading his consciousnesses to such a computer. I envision this as leading to the third evolution of Iron Man after the first power suit and the Extremis Armor. Tony would install the supercomputer into a life model decoy of himself, as well as every one of his former Iron-Man suits, and then copy over his consciousness to every one of them, all of which would be networked together and retaining a single identity, thus making him essentially immortal. This should happen in comics now while it's still science fiction, because it all may very well become science fact within our lifetimes.

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Isn't that what Pym already did with this guy?

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The upcoming Age of Ultron will actually be my first exposure to the character, so I hadn't realized that was the case. Outside of Avengers (vol. 1) #1 & #4 and Ultimates 1 and 2 I'm not really familiar with Pym either.

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I think Tony should be less than trusting of his AI capabilities after one of his last big AIs was basically a creepy abusive boy friend. 
Then again he's making an AI based off Pepper Potts so maybe he's just a glutton for punishment...

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Yeah, Pym already did that ;)

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His AI getting hacked has become a common appearance in his storylines. I think the next evolution will feature him fighting digital interrogations inside his own circuitry Lawnmower-Man style. Or, materials wise, maybe a brightly coloured photon-shield style of armour, rather than metal. Too radical?

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