Marvel NOW Iron Man #1 - New Iron Man armour in action

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Preview from #1 -

- I dunno, it looks alright - but why do the writers keep changing appearances JUST to match the movies?

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Is Iron Man now a Pittsburgh Penguin or is that just a really dark red?

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It's kind of nice having a change of color, he's being doing the Red/Gold for a long time now (not counting a few brief stints as other combos like silver/red). Also nice to see that Land's usual stiffness works fine with the armor (can't get a manic smile on a mouth-less helmet...), but not looking forward to the people. I'm in it for the writing though, after Journey into Mystery and Uncanny X-Men I'll follow Kieron Gillen just about anywhere.

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This new armor is sooo f*ckin dope. It also reminds me of Mainframe.

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1 - Lose the ridiculous looking repulsor light brights

2 - Replace the gold with grey

3 - Add some shoulder mounted armed drones

= new War Machine armor

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I like black and gold as a color scheme so the new armor works for me.

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Even Though I'm Not A Huge Land Fan I Still Can't Looking At The Art So Pretty

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The new costume looks awesome but from the preview the book doesn't look good as Fraction's.

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I'd much rather see this armor in the movie instead of what was debuted at Comic-Con

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i would love to see that in a movie!

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New armor is really awesome, although the way Tony Stark was drawn was aweful

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