Iron Man romance

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We all know Tony is a pimp and has been in relationships with many women. The question is: Who is best lover? 
For me its Pepper Potts 
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Pepper is my favourite supporting member of the Iron Man cast, but my favourite specific girlfriend is Bethany Cabe. Not only can she hold her own (she was his bodyguard after all) but she was the one who helped him through one of his darkest hours. 

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Im rooting for the Stark-Hill romance

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@Mutant God: Yeah, Maria Hill is underrated.
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@Mutant God said:
" Im rooting for the Stark-Hill romance "
Is that happening in one of the books right now?
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They had sex in one not really
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Maria still holds a grudge against Tony after learning he also slept with Pepper during World's Most Wanted. The fact that Tony does not recall spending the night, neither with Pepper, nor with Hill anymore, perplexes things, of course.
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Ultimate Tony has a thing for Carol Danvers...I kinda like that pairing.
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Pepper Potts all the way Although i dont think i like her in her own ironman outfit
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@blogblaster9: I agree, anyone besides Pepper Potts just doesn't work for me. He's loved her since the beginning, he just decided not act upon it for her own well-being. It seems to me that all the other women he sleeps with are just ways to get her out of his head (in a romantic way) since he doesn't believe she likes him in that way at all anymore.

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