'Iron Man 3' Lego Posters

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Iron Man 3 is almost here. Iron Man 3 Lego products have already been released. Disney has released a bunch of movie posters. Why not combine the two?


While you wait for the movie's release, you can head out to the store and pick up some of the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sets based on the movie.

Iron Man 3 opens in theaters on May 3.


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I love LEGO, they're so brilliant at everything.

This reminds me i still need to get that awesome (well they're all awesome) Spidey/Nick Fury/Venom set.

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My Hole Life I was addicted to Legos.

Never really Got into Marvel, but this makes me excited for the lego video games coming out.

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I'd rather see this.

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Hopefully the actual film is better than Iron Man 2...

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Amazing. Lego is so brilliant. I hope they do this for Cap:TWS Thor:TDW, GOTHG, and ASM2.

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@cmaprice: Agreed, but to be fair, there are a lot of things better then Iron Man 2. Such as tuberculous and being on fire.

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I'm looking forward to Lego Marvel Heroes.

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People really thing Iron Man 2 is that bad? It's not amazing, but I still like it a lot. It's miles above the Fantastic Four movies, both the Hulk movies, and a masterpiece compared to X3!

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Lego, awesome as always! Also

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Pure win!!!

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So, are any of the new suits going to be actual LEGO figures? I mean, Iron Patriot is right here.

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well done

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Loving those Lego posters, but I hope they are not expensive like the rest.

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Nice! Those really are wonderful. I want the one with him in the Mark suit room especially.

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@dreamfall31: I too have no problem with Iron Man 2. It was still fun, just disappointing compared to the original Iron Man.

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