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#1 Posted by starrk_coyote (681 posts) - - Show Bio smart is tony stark?....i mean other that the suit what has he made and Build over the years? that makes him as smart as he is? dose any one have a scans or any Evidence to Support that 3th smart man a live in the marvel cosmos? ? ?

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#3 Posted by starrk_coyote (681 posts) - - Show Bio

@Supreme Marvel said:


okay....but what other tech did he make other then iron man suit?????? :-/

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@Supreme Marvel said:


Yupe, he is probably the 3rd smartest....considering with the presence of Doom and Reed.

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#5 Posted by sonypipal (2 posts) - - Show Bio

Well I would say 2nd compared to technology what made Stark and Doom! Even in many comic books people says that Tony Stark is the smartest(human) in Marvel Universe!

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the smartest is reed richards who is into deep and hardcore physics, astronomy, knows high levels of chemistry and biology, the i would say the second smartest is either bruce banner or beast from the X-men, both of these men are extremely smart and know what their doing, the thing with tony stark is that he is an engineer, he those things becasue he just does, richards however always searches for the answer to everything and i think that he even managed to build a time machine. tony stark managed to build complex machines such as automobiles, computers, motorcycles etc. at an early age like 12-14 years old, richards however probably already discovered how to travel into space by then.

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I doubt hulk or beast is at 2nd ,doom is proberbly the one at second place because he has accnmplished more things,and iron man is definately at 3rd place ,henry pym is at 4th place and hulk/bruce banner at 5th place, at master mind exello at 6th

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I'd say 3rd. His actual IQ is like 270.

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#9 Posted by KrleAvenger (9145 posts) - - Show Bio

In order he can't be less than number 6 and can't be more than number 3.Actually everyone (Stark,Banner,Pym,T'Challa) can be anywhere from number 3 to 6 (it is debateable).

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#10 Posted by amazingfantasy (800 posts) - - Show Bio

The 3rd smartest, only behind Reed and Doom.

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