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"Pirated!" - Avast, ye swabs! Commander Kraken and his Techno-pirates have captured Iron Man, stripped him of his deep-sea armor... and are attacking Hydrobase with it! Unarmed and unarmored, can Tony Stark take out Kraken's scurvy crew all by himself? Do pirates like treasure? Arrrh!

"A Very Strange Day" - Doctor Strange encounters a cosmically powered creature known as a Zakimiya, which has been allowing its newborn babies to feed on the very fabric of reality. Dang! Luckily, Doctor Strange has a plan -- recruit a magically souped-up Spider-Man to web shut the holes in the fabric of reality and then hope the two of them can bluff their way to victory against the all-powerful Zakimiya. Good luck with that!

"A Fight at the Museum" - Field trips to the museum have never been this exciting! Evil dino-guy Sauron goes on a rampage and gains control of the Power Pack using his hypnotic powers, but fortunately, a certain clawed Canadian is in the neighborhood -- Wolverine! But he'll have to find a way to break the kids of Sauron's control before the whole museum is destroyed!

"The Trickster and the Wrecker" - The Asgardian prankster Loki is up to his tricks again, this time testing the Avengers with a super-powered being of his own, turning a common criminal into the super villainous Wrecker! When Spider-Man takes him on by himself, the Wrecker shows what a formidable foe he truly is. Only with their combined might can the Avengers save their friend and send Loki and the Wrecker packing!

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