What new feature iron man should add to his armor that will make him a better hero?

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I don't think anything will make him better. These kinds of weapons and technologies have been added and removed over the years.

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Seems he does have some close quarters stuff 

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While no one really wants to read about an indestructible hero (kind of anti-climactic) I do think a more durable suit along the lines of the S.K.I.N. armor or the Adamantium Argonaut drone would be in order. When Spider-Man and the Winter Soldier start being able to rip off your faceplate or helmet it is definitely time for an upgrade. Now, is the Bleeding Edge tougher in terms of material strength than the Extremis? Time will tell.

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For me I always felt like Tony needs a stronger power source. It seems he can deal out punishment but only for small amounts of time. I wish he could find something like the power source he used in his Destroyer armor. I also agree his armor needs to be way more durable. I don't understand back in the day he use to be able to go toe to toe with Ultron and now with all his new upgrades folks like Winter Soilders can rip his armor apart(didn't his armor survive a fight with Rulk pretty undamaged lol)

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