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AVENGERS DISASSEMBLED TIE-IN! Still reeling from recent traumas, Iron Man must face off against his evil doppelganger. Meanwhile, Pep and Hap return to Stark Enterprises to make preparations to defend the world against those who might abuse Tony's technol

The person in the Iron Man suit picks up Tony and throws him through a window in the house. During the fight, a news helicopter shows up and gets both of them on camera--proving Tony's innocence. Iron Man shoots a repulsor beam and blows the helicopter up--hoping to destroy the evidence. Tony, wanting to take advantage of the distraction jumps through a window and heads back inside the house. He, luckily, finds a spare suit of armor and dresses up to head back outside. The fight continues and somehow a cameraman from the helicopter survives and continues to film the fight which is now in the front yard.

Back in New York, Pepper and Harold see the footage of the fight in Times Square. They head for Stark Industries and enter the building. Pepper takes Harold "Happy" Hogan into a secret room which only those with special security clearance have authorization to enter. They enter Tony's war room in hopes of shutting down the other Iron Man's suit.

At Stark mansion, agents of S.H.I.E.L.D are arriving to put a stop to this fight. They don't know what to do because they see two Iron Men fighting and don't feel comfortable taking down a Secretary of Defense--or ex-SoD--without authorization. Tony and the other Iron Man continue to fight while talking back and forth. Tony learns that his opponent was the owner of the Al-Qaeda bunker he destroyed three months ago...

During the battle, Tony's armor fails as it was not properly charged. The other Iron Man moves in for the kill...

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