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Iron Man finds out that the Red Ghost along with his Super-Apes is too much for one Iron Suit! Plus: The Red Ghost’s true goal comes to light! And how will Tony Stark play into it?

The Red Ghost, Ivan Kragoff, is trapped in his phantom form, so he has the Super Apes kidnap Tony Stark, to make Strak return him to his normal form. Back in New York, Iron Man, actually being Happy, is injured and taken to Stark International. Michael O'Brien comes in, uses his detective badge to talk to Iron Man who tells him he'll come to the station as soon as possible but he has first to a job to do : Finding Tony Stark !

At the Red Ghost's base, Tony Stark learns that the Red Ghost has been unable to turn off his intangibility power since his battle against the Defenders (back in Defenders #8) and he needs Stark's cosmitronic cannon to fix this problem. Tony lures him and his apes to Stark International by making him think he can't reproduce the cannon at the Red Ghost's base. In his factory, Tony fixes the cannon and uses it on the Red Ghost, who becomes tangible again. Kragoff orders his apes to kill Stark who uses a smoke bomb, with which he had equipped the cannon earlier, and uses the chaos to put on a spare Iron Man armor in the chaos, then defeats the apes. The Red Ghost taunts Iron Man, saying he can't be beaten now that he has the control of his power again and turns intangible, Shellhead tries to warn him but Kragoff does not listen to him and is destroyed : Tony Stark could not restore all of his power. He could only restore his tangibility and using his power would destroy the Red Ghost.

As promised at the beginning of the issue by Happy, posing as Iron Man, Tony Stark goes to the station as Shellhead and gives his version of what happened and then goes back to Stark International, only to see Happy collapsing because of the injuries he sustained fighting against the apes.

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