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The lady's name is Vitriol! She's a bombshell -- literally! Her touch is acid, and her temper is worse! Only Iron Man can stop her from killing millions, but he's got no defense against her. As Vitriol's threats escalate to their terrifying potential, a face from Iron Man's past arrives on the scene. Not to help -- but to rip Tony Stark's head off! 
Ishtar brings down Iron Man while her men capture the rest of the convoy. Her men then destroy US helicopters arriving at al Hadr in search for Tony Stark, but not before General Singelton get outs a distress call, demanding DARPA send help. The captive Stark realizes Ishtar is Vitriol. She explains how she worked for Saddam Hussein, despite being Kurdish, but began aiding the CIA when Hussein used her weapons research on her own people. Now she blames America for failing to save her family from Saddam's bombs, and plans to cleanse her country of American and Iraqis alike. Vitriol wrecks Iron Man's armor and deposits him with the other captives. Conferring with his fellow captives, Tony realizes Vitriol plans to poison Iraq's rivers. Attempting an escape, the captives are currounded by guards, who are unexpectedly taken down by DARPA's arriving agent, Force, who then angrily punches Tony, telling him that his rescue is canceled.







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