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Iron Man is swimming below the Hudson river and trying to find the Hulk's whereabouts by studying his footprints. He gives up when they suddenly disappear without a trace. Coming out of the water, he finds himself at gun-point.

Liz Ross asks him one reason why she shouldn't put a bullet in his head. Liz doesn't trust Iron Man and thinks that he is taking advantage of Tony Stark's recent depressing moments. Liz says that she would give her life for Tony Stark. Iron Man asks to do her job with care. He oversteps his bound when he mentions the death of Bruce Banner. Liz stops herself from shouting out a curse and runs away without a sound. Tony realizes his mistake but can't find a cure for it.

Tony's thoughts are interrupted by a call from

Pepper Potts

. He listens to a kidnapper instructing him to meet him at a place if Tony is to meet Pepper again.

Tony drives to the rendezevous point and is immediately attacked by Whirlwind. Whirlwind expresses his grudge against Tony Stark without any reservations. He shreds anything in his path with his arm blades.

Meanwhile, Leonard Samson recieves a call from Bruce Banner, who tells him that he is the Hulk. Samson tells him that he will do anything to help him. Bruce senses someone tracing his call and hangs up. The interceptors are confident that they will soon find a connection between the Hulk and Banner.

Meanwhile, on Long Island, Whirlwind has got Tony in a really disadvantageous position outside of his armor. Tony tells Whirlwind that he knows his real name is David Cannon. Whirlwind is surprised, which gives Tony time to make his move. He tricks Whirlwind into staring into an optical magnesium flare and takes the chance to surround the immobilized Pepper in a forcefield. Then he slips away.

Whirlwind is furious and tries to attack Pepper, but in vain. Tony talks over the intercom and challenges Whirlwind to a duel. Tony reaches his experimental kinetic intake convertor. Whirlwind bursts into the room. Tony tells him that he is trapped. Whirlwind finds out soon enough that he cannot resist the pull of the Kinetic Intake Convertor. He tries to break free but dies.

Madame Hydra and Mandarin detect Whirlwind's death. Mandarin warns her that her next failure will bring her untold suffering.

Tony is depressed and thinks himself guilty for Whirlwind's death. Pepper helps him to realize that he was the pioneer behind creating the Avengers team. Then she rigs up a computer but to her dismay, finds that the Avengers Island has been partially destroyed.

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