Iron Man #3

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The Good 

Only Kieron Gillen can have Tony Stark provide a legitimately amusing conversation about grilled cheese. For the most part, this issue is well written and has some scattered bits of nice humor. Nothing that'll make you really laugh out loud, but there's plenty to give you a smirk (Doombot reference, Tony's thoughts about his latest armor rendering Black Widow obsolete). And speaking of the armor, this issue introduces a brand new stealth suit. As you can expect, it's weak on power and durability, but packing loads of sweet features that would make James Bond beyond jealous. 
But what good is a new and cool armor if it doesn't look equally impressive, right? Thankfully, Greg Land does an excellent job when it comes to the armor and showcasing all of its features. We're treated to 3 other armored villains (who look equally good for the most part) and the (fairly short) battle was an able amount of popcorn entertainment. The biggest visual treat though had to be how the fire was displayed. It really popped from the pages and I certainly wasn't expecting that level of quality. Cloaking is a close second, of course. The armor and the aftermath of the armors clashing is definitely Land's strong point and it certainly delivers. 
The plot has a nice twist provided towards the end. It's nothing that'll make your jaw hit the ground, but it lays out the groundwork for a fairly moving conversation between Tony and the father. Naturally, it dives into the roots of this entire story too. 

The Bad 

I'm not the biggest fan of how Land illustrates women. They tend to look like they're ready for a fashion runway or something similar. Also, the facial expressions felt a bit off at times. The father was pleading with Tony but if you take out the dialogue it totally looks like he's smiling and carefree. Not exactly fitting for the situation at hand.   

The Verdict 

As expected with Land, everything but the women (they're always way too glamorous in my opinion) and some wonky facial expressions was solid. The book delivers a few light chuckles and moves along at a fine pace, ultimately making this a seemingly quick and pleasant read. Tony's personality feels appropriate (though I can't say I'm the biggest Stark expert around) and that's obviously key for this book. This certainly isn't a must read Stark story, but if you're searching for a fun read, this would absolutely be fitting.

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