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Will Tony Stark and Iron Man become one and the same? Iron Man's armor takes extreme measures in convincing Tony to fuse with his suit.

Tony has got his dose of shock of uniting with his conscious armor to fight evil. The armor had overrode his control and killed Whiplash mere moments ago. Now Tony wants to go back and retrieve Whiplash, but Iron Man won't let him. Iron Man says that he has shut down Jocasta, so that Tony and he can have a private chat.

Their conversation is interrupted with someone's arrival. Tony is worried to see Rumiko come into his house. He fears for her security. He fears Iron Man. Rumiko is on the verge of starting a conversation with the hesitant Tony, when Iron Man interrupts them. Iron Man tells her that her life is endangered by being there in Tony's house. He does not want to leave his master's side. So, a humiliated Rumiko blurts out her love for Tony once more and goes running.

Tony is furious with Iron Man. Iron Man tells him that he will investigate the case of Trevor Donohue. Reluctantly, Tony agrees to accompany him.

They reach Donohue's office by plane. Iron Man makes no attempt to conceal his fury, but Tony controls him. They come back from Trevor's office without further insight into Whiplash's affiliations. During return, Tony spots Iron Man's power drain and has an idea.

They go to Whiplash's burial ceremony across the country. Iron Man has flashbacks from Tony's memories. They come home and Iron Man lies into recharging himself. Tony knows his tricks.

Tony pulls out his Modular Armor and wears it. Iron Man comes back and finds him. He becomes furious. There is a battle inside the Stark house. Finally, Tony is outmatched by Iron Man. Iron Man rips his modular armor to shreds and forces Tony to get inside him.

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