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Iron Man's identity is threatened following a tussle with Whiplash. Rumiko confronts her feelings for Tony.

Tony Stark is looking out of his apartment's balcony, with a drink in his hand. He ignores a call from Pepper Potts. He is musing over the recent incidents that have happened in his life. He had recently accompanied Rumiko Fujikawa (heir to the Fujikawa Industries) to a party. There he had got himself punched in the nose while trying to stop a man from getting too close to her. His nose had bled and got bandaged. At that moment, Tony felt that he could have worn his armor around his ego.

19 hours later, Tony is addressing a conference in Tokyo. He has pre-programmed his armor to accompany him at the meeting and give a presentation of the newest invention, S.K.I.N.(Synth-Kinetic Interfacing Fluid). The armor encases a basketball in skin and hurls it towards a wall, shattering it. The bouncing ball comes to rest at Rumiko's feet. She is angered and throws the ball back at Tony. Tony stops it using anti-gravity units. The audience enjoys the demo. Some spy agents have come to attack Tony Stark. They deploy Whiplash to hunt down Tony's bodyguard, Iron Man.

Later, Rumiko and Tony drive down to another hotel. Rumiko has a habit of getting into a chat with anyone she finds attractive. Tony dislikes it and tells her so. Rumiko blurts out that she loves him madly. Tony is taken aback and turns back and goes out. He programs his armor to meet him on the top of Stark Building. Tony gets into his armor and flies away. He thinks that Rumiko may have already recovered and may not be missing him. All around, fireworks go off as time heralds a New Year, 2000 A.D.

It is raining. Tony is flying when he runs into Whiplash. Whiplash shows off his new equipments and tries to strangle Iron Man. But a firework rocket breaks their conversation. The battle gets steady. Tony blasts Whiplash's weapons before he can pull them out. But Whiplash tries a new trick. He throws a whip into the air above him and it attracts the


He brings down the cable on Iron Man's armor and the electricity cracks his armor. Tony feels pain in his chest. He fights to separate Whiplash from his weapon, but Whiplash punches him him hard. Still, Tony manages to fling the whip out of Whiplash's hand. But the whip goes up into the air and attracts lightning once more, and the blast takes out both Tony and Whiplash.

Tony can't help free-falling as all of his armor's systems are


. Whiplash falls into the ocean, but Tony crashes into the ground. But in the split second before the crash, he hears a voice, asking him for help, saying that it is dying. Then everything goes black.

Continued in next issue.

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