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The gloves are off as Iron Man takes on the Mercenary! Will Tony Stark perish in his fight against the Mercenary to protect the lovely Cheryl Porter? Find out who killed Tony Stark!

The Man Who Killed Tony Stark!

Iron Man is relentlessly attacking the smuggling ship that had transported Titanium Man to America in the previous story arc. Titanium Man eventually killed Tony Stark’s girlfriend Janice Cord and a vengeful Iron Man leaves the ship completely destroyed then alerts the US Navy to capture the crew. Getting back to ground and still in his armour, Tony blames himself for being distracted by the Crimson Dynamo and not protecting Janice. All the while he is being watched through the sniper scopes of The Mercenary. The assassin for hire thinks how easy it would be for him to kill Iron Man right now, but his target is someone else.

Tony decides he needs to get away from everything and clear his head. While driving away, he is taken by surprise when a hidden figure in his back seat holds a gun to his head. Cheryl Porter lowers her weapon and tells Tony she needs his help. Cheryl tells Tony it was she who informed him about the smuggling ship. Her husband Geoff was a sailor on the ship and she feared for his life if the police got involved so sought help from Iron Man. But when the ship’s Captain found out he hired an assassin to kill her. Tony swears to protect the well endowed Cheryl and takes her to a secluded lodge. Meanwhile The Mercenary listens to their conversation via a bug he planted.

On the way to the lodge, Vincent Sandhurst attempts to assassinate Tony Stark but is beaten to near death by The Mercenary who wants the prize for himself. The assassin arrives at the lodge only to find Cheryl hidden in a protected shelter and Iron Man waiting for him. A fight begins and The Mercenary gains the upper hand by draining Iron Man’s armour of electricity. The hitman then disguises himself as Tony Stark to fool Cheryl into letting him inside the shelter. However as he enters, Sandhurst arrives and kills the man he thinks is Tony Stark, before falling to his death himself. Iron Man recovers and takes Cheryl away.

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