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Shellhead turns out to be just fine following last issues’ climactic ending! The Force wants to go straight, and his employer Justin Hammer wants him dead. Does Iron Man possess enough power to save Force from the B-team of the new Blizzard, Backlash, and the Beetle?

On a submarine, docked in Mexico, Force tears up the place and escapes from the sub. The occupants of the sub quickly rush to shore and call Justin Hammer via phone. Hammer, upset at his ally Force, presses the remote control button for Force. Resisting the mind control Force continues on his way.

In Hollywood, Tony Stark is looking at Rolex watches at Rae Lacosta's boutique. Wanting to make up for what happened in Switzerland, Lacosta invites Rhodes and Tony to her salon for make overs (huh?). Just as they emerge from the salon, Rhodey and Tony get a call on the secure line. His head of security, Garrison Quint, calls to inform them of an attack on Stark Enterprises. Rhodey drives the car as Tony morphs into Iron Man and beats him there.

When Iron Man arrives at S.E., he sees that the building is under attack from Force. He talks him down and takes him inside frightening all inside especially Ms. Arbogast. Unable to communicate, Force uses hand signals. Iron Man takes him to his underground lab and Force types on the computer that he cannot talk and is in need of a TIJ-95 cable. Iron Man finds one and deactivates his suit. Once deactivated Force is able to communicate and notifies Iron Man that his suit was booby trapped by Justin Hammer. In return for freeing him from his own suit, Force offers himself and his information to Stark Enterprises. Trying to do the right thing Tony Stark turns Clay Wilson over to the Los Angeles Police.

While at LAPD, an officer sneaks away and calls his boss, Justin Hammer. Shortly thereafter LAPD is attacked by Backlash (aka whiplash), Blizzard, and Beetle. They were sent there to capture Force by Justin Hammer. They make their way to the cell where Force is being held. They are met by Tony Stark (not Iron Man) and grab Force by the throat and get ready to kill him...

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