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Morgana le Fae has possessed the sister of the werewolf by night! Can Iron Man stop her before she gets the body she's possessing into deep trouble? Guest starring the Werewolf by Night.

"Prologue: A Dream of Camelot..." - Lissa Russell wakes from a vivid dream about the curse that Merlin placed upon Morgan Le Fey, imprisoning her within her castle. Her brother Jack comes in to comfort her.

"A Renaissance of Magic! " - Iron Man flies to a Renaissance Faire, where as Tony Stark, he dons a medieval outfit and meets with Clytemnestra Erwin for a little diversion. Also there in appropriate costume are Jack and Lissa and their friend Buck Cowan, who performs as a juggler. Without warning, Lissa sees and accosts Stark. Jack, who is recognized by Stark, and Buck restrain her, while she exhibits a burst of magic, then passes out.

While Lissa recovers in the fair's medical tent, Jack excuses himself to leave for the woods before the full moon rises, and Tony offers him a ride. They proceed along the winding roads when a vision of Morgan Le Fey appears before them, causing Tony to swerve and crash. At the fair, Morgan has frozen time, and possesses Lissa's body.

Uninjured by the crash, Tony, as Iron Man, returns to the fair and the Werewolf follows, Jack doing his utmost to control the beast. Morgan, acting through Lissa, counters their attack with magic, binding iron Man in maypole ribbons, and raising a giant stone hand to grasp the Werewolf, who is now out of Jack's control. Iron Man blasts them free, but Morgan conjures a cyclone that spins them in the air. Suspecting that pain may drive Morgan out of Lissa's body, he firmly grabs her shoulder. As she defends herself, the Werewolf slashes her back, and Morgan releases Lissa. Time unfreezes and Iron Man calls for an ambulance while the Werewolf runs for the woods.

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