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Issue Summary

The issue starts with Iron Man flying over Manhattan when his suit suddenly starts to malfunction and he loses the control of one of his jets on the boot. This causes him to crash through marvel office building. Bruised by the accident, Iron Man then makes his way back to Stark International in order to check what exactly went wrong with his armour. While he inspects the armour thoroughly, most of which takes places off panel, he fails to identify any cause of the malfunction as everything seem to be perfectly in order.

The scene then moves to Tony Stark taking Bethany Cabe on a date in the Atlantic City. While the couple is at a casino we see 3 Iron Man villains, namely: Whiplash, the Melter and Blizzard appear in the same casino with an intention of robbing it. Tony Stark sneaks off to done his armor in order to fight them.

Tony Stark after having worn the Iron Man armor comes back to casino in order to fight the criminals, whom he fights one at a time, and is clearly winning. Unlucky for Tony the three villains decide to team up, and hit him simultaneously with their attack. The combination of their attack (heat from melter, freezing cold from blizzard, and electric whip from Whiplash) Iron Man armor begins to weaken as well as crack and the issue ends with Whiplash getting ready to strike Iron Man armor open.

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