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Well Tony Stark Is Ruined For Me

Okay, let me Put this in a simple way. Tony stark is all but ruined completely for me, not because of the fact that this is simply a retcon, but also because what happens really infuriates me. Robert Downey Jr is all but left of iron man for me, his Iron Man is my favorite version, and my hopes for one-day redeeming the comic book version is killed. not only by Gillen, but hickman also. Hickman Made iron man into a guy who, along with reed, dr Strange, Black bolt and Beast are acting as gods by passing judgement on others. But now i'm getting of topic, so lest get to it.

The Art is amazing, from simple facial expressions to fight scenes and technological equipment, everything is simply awesome.

Now i'll be honest, the execution isn't all that bad, not really, in fact many things are played out pretty well. The only problem or the weak link is when tony simply agrees to help 451 because of the simple excuse " He Will Try Again!", which, i'm sorry, sound absolutely stupid and dumb to me. tony is a Genius, he should at least figure a way out of this, and while it is a possibility that tony is playing along, it'd be nice to have a " I THINK I'll PLAY ALONG FOR NOW!" sentence at least in his mind, would have made much more sense either ways.

Also Howard charging in to fight aliens when there is a highly advanced android to do the work for you? i know Howard is cool and all but come on.

But the biggest problem was the retcon itself. Tony starks appeal to me was always in the fact that he was a douche bag, and he then created an armor out of the situation which he got into, and then the whole concept of the armor evolved. Tony Stark was Gifted, he was a Genius, but now all that is taken away from Him because


Iron man is No Longer a product of Tony stark's intelligence. No. It was in fact 451 who made it all happen, by injecting tony with something back when he was still in his Mothers belly , barely grown. This my friends, completely destroys everything good that was left in iron man, he isn't any longer a Genius, he is just someone else success.

I could go one about this but there really isn't any point, i am very disappointed. This comic book is only good if you don't really care for iron man. When a writer wants to make a retcon, it should strengthen the characters routes. for example Bill Mantlo first introduced the idea that The Hulk was banners suppressed rage as a child, and the sympathy for hulk grew without going against hulks character, he was still banners Rage incarnate. here? tony was completely ruined.

Recommendation: Iron Man Fan's Beware!

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