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Iron Heights State Pent. is home to almost all of the Flash's Rogues and countless other thugs.

Iron Heights is known for one main thing: Its un-earthly treatment of the prisoners that reside in it. It is deemed a "living hellhole" by those unlucky enough to be imprisoned in it, its all because the Warden has a deep hate for metahumans as he beats the prisoners regularly and orders the prison guards to kill any prisoner stupid enough to be caught outside prison grounds or trying to escape. This prison has a seprate area in the building called the Pipeline, this is for metahuman prisoners, where living conditions are barely survivable.

Iron Heights
Iron Heights

Despite all this there have been breakouts in the past once when Murmer released a viral outbreak in the prison killing guards and prisoners letting him, Girder and Weather Wizard escape. Another instance was when Gorrila Grodd instructed other primates to break him out. The Outsiders also attempted to break Black Lightning out resulting in the power dampeners going offline, causing a massive riot where somewhere around 44 people died.

Iron Heights' Most Infamous Inmates Include:

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