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Character Biography

Iris Shaw
Iris Shaw
Iris Shaw was a marshal for the Bureau of Land Management, investigating illegal dumping on federal land by Ray Henderson and his lackeys. Henderson was poisoning predators illegally without the approval of the USDA, and Iris intended to bust him for his illegal activities. A pair of Henderson's goons physically attacked Iris when she confronted them, but she managed to escape and return to the Land Management Bureau and her partner, Fred. Before she could stop the criminals, they bombed the building, killing Iris, Fred, and three other people. In the Afterlife, Iris meets the Crow. It tells her that it is going  to give her the chance to avenge herself, and the life of  the unborn child that died along with her in the bombing. Iris is resurrected as the Crow, and returns to her mourning lover, Rick, in a motel room. Rick is terrified by the appearance of Iris, and shoots her. She attempts to coax him into making love to her, and he rejects her advances. Iris notices Rick's belongings have been relocated to the motel room from their home, and realizes that he had intended to abandon her and their child prior to her death. Iris leaves Rick, alone, and begins her quest for vengeance.
Iris visit Rowdy's Bar demanding to know the names of the men responsible
for killing her. Meanwhile, one of the men, Wayne, is called by a bar patron who tells him Iris has shot up the bar, and knows his current location. Wayne makes a run for it, meeting up with an accomplice, Marty. Iris follows Wayne. She shoots Marty to death, and severely wounds Wayne. She then drags Wayne to an open grave that she has dug, and proceeds to bury him alive, avenging the death of elderly Mrs. Burke, who died in the explosion from suffocation beneath a ton of rock. Both the Henderson gang and the F.B.I. learn of Iris's resurrection following the massacre at Rowdy's Bar. Iris visits one of the sheriff's investigating her murder, and staples his neck tie to the wall of his office, before heading after the surviving killers. Iris is conflicted with her mission after her encounter with the sheriff, but deducts that the only way to save the land she has worked so hard to preserve is to kill everyone that opposes her. 
One of Ray's lackeys, Willis, met with his employer to discuss the return of Iris Shaw, and the sudden appearance of federal agents in their town. We learn through flashback that Henderson was fined one thousand dollars and a six month suspended sentence for poisoning the land, and that Henderson was appointed the leader of a potential showdown between his posse, and the Feds. Fearing Iris Shaw would bring the F.B.I. down on them, Ray made arrangements to plant the bomb at the Bureau of Land Management building. Iris followed Willis to his trailer home, where a group of Henderson's men had gathered to formulate a stratagem. A horrific shoot-out followed, and Iris killed the majority of the goons. She confronts a severely wounded Willis, and demands to know who orchestrated the bombing at the B.L.M. Willis told her Ray Henderson was behind everything, and Iris proceeded to turn on the gas stove in the trailer. She ignited the gas, and the trailer exploded, immolating everyone inside.
Iris made her way to the Henderson household, and used a hunting rifle to kill one of Henderson's sons. The Henderson clan retreated into their home, and Ray revealed to his wife and children that it wasn't the F.B.I. responsible for killing their loved one, but Iris Shaw, herself. The Hendersons were perplexed when Shaw suddenly disappeared, leaving them to plan their next course of action. Iris visited Henderson's colleague, Brice, who was responsible for antagonizing Ray Henderson into bombing the B.L.M. She killed his friend, and strung the man up from the ceiling. She called Henderson on Brice's phone, and told him that she would be seeing him in the morning. She then sliced Brice's throat with a hunting knife, and allowed him to bleed to death for the part he played in her murder. 
Iris proceeded to visit the sheriff she had met earlier, and warned him their
 Rest In Peace?
 Rest In Peace?
would be a showdown at the Henderson home, and recommended that he stay out of her way. The sheriff agreed, and Iris proceeded to the Henderson household for her showdown with Ray. When Ray's young son raised a rifle towards Iris, Henderson's wife slapped the weapon out of the child's hands. She plead with her husband to make the right choice for their family, and Iris forced Ray into her Jeep. She handcuffed his wrist to the steering column, and drove to a secluded location. She parked, doused herself and Henderson in gasoline, and lit a match. The Jeep was consumed in flames, killing Henderson, and allowing Iris to return to the Afterlife at peace.  

Powers And Abilities

  • Animal Control  
  • Healing
  • Immortality  
  • Invulnerability
  • Marksmanship  
  • Mental Telepathy  
  • Necromancy   
  • Super Agility
  • Super Speed 
  • Super Strength  
  • Tracking   
  • Unarmed Combat
  • Weapons Master

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