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This is topic where we can discuss all kind of things For Susan Like:

Where Can I buy an FF Costume ?

How Much pressure can her force field takes before the metal backlash ?

What Can't & Can bypass her shields & How much can she invisible

Where Is Susan ?

We can talk about whatever you like...

So let start with questions :

Sue Storm
Sue Storm

1. How do feel about Fraction becoming the writer of the FF ?

2.How do feel about Chronicle Josh Trank directing the forthcoming Fantastic Four reboot?

3.If she wasn't with Reed,who do think would make a better husband ?

4..what would you see to happen to Sue in the future?

5.If Sue can remove/add light(making things invisible/visible) Is possible for her to make a dupe of her self with her force field same size same shape as herself For an example, Lets say she make a force field same size as herself and add light to that force field Wouldn't that be considered a dupe ?

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i wanna see sue divorce reed

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I have pondered the possibility of a divorce between Reed and Sue for many years and have suggested such to the FF Bullpen a time or two, though only as "food for thought" and not as an actual recommendation. However, I have recommended that they allow a second marital separation to occur and then let the fans decide if they want the separation to become permanent or not. The first separation from the end of issue 130 to the end of issue 149 did create considerable controversy. Some fans sided with Reed and some with Sue, though most fans seemed to blame Sue for the split. It also gave Medusa a chance to be a member of the FF for a while. However, neither Reed or Sue started a new romance during the separation. If they do separate again, I think it would create much more suspense if each of them fell in love with someone new. Thinking back, Medusa did find Reed attractive way back in FF 41 when she was a member of the Frightful Four. Since she is now going to be a part of the new FF comic team, Medusa will no doubt have some contact with Reed. Hence, maybe Medusa and Reed can fall in love and this could cause Reed and Sue to separate? This scenario is plausible, though not too likely, and a Medusa-Reed relationship could well lead to your desire to see Reed and Sue divorce..... However, there is still one huge obstacle to a divorce and that is what would/should happen to Franklin and Valeria. Should Franklin stay with Reed and Valeria go with Sue or should they both stay with Reed or both go with Sue? I suggest that before a divorce can become a serious option for the Fantastic Four Bullpen, the problem of the children must be solved.

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1. Fraction isn't a writer I gravitate towards, so his arrival on Fantastic Four means nothing to me. I may not continue with the series when the creative team shifts.

2. I liked Chronicle. Based solely on that film, I don't think Trank is a terrible choice for the next Fantastic Four film. It's really going to depend on the story & level of studio interference that will determine whether or not the film will be watchable. In a perfect world, Spielberg would be directing the film.

3. A better husband than Reed? No one. However, if Reed were dead, I could see her turning to Ben.

4. What I'd like to see happen to Sue is for her to take a lead role in the Marvel Universe, as befits her history. She's Marvel's first super heroine, and unlike so many of her peers, she's not just the female counterpart to a more popular male hero. It's kind of hard to separate her from the Fantastic Four, as she's so intrinsically defined by that team, but if the Thing and the Human Torch could feature in their own series, I think Sue could, too. Her power set makes her ideal for S.H.I.E.L.D. type espionage missions. She could crib from any of the Fantastic Four's rogues gallery for adversaries. I think having other prominent super-heroines as her supporting cast would work quite well, as, clearly, her frieds are going to come from the super-human community. A series focusing on Sue Storm would allow for a unique perspective on the Marvel Universe, and is honestly what the character deserves.

5. Her power doesn't really work that way. While she has molded her force field into simple geometric shapes, sculpting a human form would be much more complex task. Assuming she took the time to learn to do it, it would still be an energy field molded into her shape. It couldn't move independently of her. She would have to constantly be reshaping it to give it the illusion of natural movement. She also couldn't actually make it visible, anymore than she can make any of her force fields visible. She does have the ability to make other invisible objects visible, but that power seems to only apply to objects unconnected to her own power of invisibility.

I'm going to disagree with the idea of breaking Reed and Sue up. The core concept of the Fantastic Four is family. Any writer that doesn't get that, shouldn't be working on that title. If Reed and Sue were to divorce, it would destroy that core concept, and ruin both characters. It might make for high drama in the short run, but, there would be no coming back from it.

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What is Sue's best feat? Other than hurting a Celestial.

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Her best feat may have been way back in FF #38, in the Silver Age, when her force field saved the FF from the Wizard's Q-bomb nuclear blast, though the blast did cost them their powers.

Back to the proposed divorce, I seriously doubt that such will ever happen. However, a second marital separation could well be a real possibility.

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Sue is not going to leave Reed unless she does something reallt bad like villainy bad, e.g try to take over the world.

I think it would be beneficial for a Sue as a Character to get her own book, because she is Marvels first lady Nuff Said

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