Susan's Powers

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Ok, I'm new to Susan powers and life... I don't know so much as you can know and I didn't see any topic about it, but in Susan's powers, it's saying:

With her force fields she can...

  • ... create strong shields
  • ... create ladders, bridges, platforms, elevators and other things to get places
  • ... create a board or saucer to levitate herself or others
  • ... use her force fields to move things (like telekinesis)
  • ... create Weapons (i.e. a sword)
  • ... create a projectile weapon
  • ... create a battering ram (to bust open doors, etc)
  • ... create something soft to catch someone (like a giant glove or mattress)
  • ... make things explode by creating a shield inside of it then expanding it
  • ... suffocate someone by putting them in a shield and not letting air in
  • ... create an air bubble, she can go places without air and not let air out
If she suffocates someone by putting them in a shield and not letting air in, how can she create an air bubble to go to places without air? Wouldn't she be suffocated?
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She can use her force fields to trap the air or to push it out, depending on what she wants to do.

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I didn't want to start a new thread but could someone tell me the biggest thing she turn invisible ?

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