You Missed That Issue? Invincible #12

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Check out my own feature article on Invincible #12 and why you should have already read the issue.  
  Welcome to a new series spotlighting some of the best single issues in comics from the past decade. You will not find Watchmen, Sin City, Dark Phoenix Saga or Action Comics #775 anywhere on this list. These are comics that, with a little effort, you'll find on the Internet or lost in the back issues of your comic book store. Because this article is not a review, and since these issues are not necessarily new, any surprise, cliffhanger or death will be spoiled in an attempt to show why the book shouldn't have been missed. So that being said, welcome to: You Missed That Issue? Invincible #12. 

Let's set the stage, shall we? Robert Kirkman is an unknown in the world of comics. His other series,  The Walking Dead , is beginning to grow in popularity while Invincible lives in the shadows of books like Ultimate Spiderman. Then Invincible #12 hits stands. I will gladly say that this was the first issue of Invincible I ever read, it was also the first issue I could find on the shelves at my local comic book shop. That's how unknown it was. 

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