Motion Comics: Good or Bad?

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I've been delving into the world of motion comics lately but I haven't really found many that are any good. The only one that got me pumped and that I couldn't stop watching was the Invincible motion comic that, surprise, MTV did. 
What does everyone else think? 
I think that it's a way to introduce people to the stories in a new medium, and technically it is really just sort of like a visual radio play. I guess since I've only seen one that rocked my socks off I can only say that I can be open to the idea of more.

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I do not love motion comics but I do not hate them

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mmmm i did enjoy the Black Panther one. Mainly because it has extremely funny parts. The others though I have not had a chance to see. My fiance saw the Astonishing X-men one though on Netflix the other day and said it was horribad. 
I didn't know there was an Invincible Motion Comic though...Ill have to give that a look.

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i like it got me into invincible

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I've never seen the invincible one got a link?

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