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You know for the typical everyday going to school, part time job, and I have super powers, all while being a teenage story. This Is one of those. Image brings this fun hero to life in a tale of growing pains. His name is Mark Sebastian Grayson. His father is Omni-Man, pretty much their version of Superman. Volume one begins with an introduction to his family, friends, and him discovering/learning his abilities. One friend in particular he shows more interest in than the others, Samantha Eve Wilkins (Atom Eve). The high school duo tries to solve the case of missing teens with bombs being strapped to their chest, only for them to wake up in malls just before BOOM! Meanwhile his father is trapped in another dimension. This definitely has the goods to become a very good story. The art style really turns me on. The comic itself isn't too wordy either, which can be a good thing. I want to see more of this teenage hero. Expect more blogs about him from me.

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ive been reading when issue 50 came out, read #1 till present always excited when a issue comes out love the universe Kirkman has been creating , besides Invincible ive read battle pope, astounding wolfman, guarding the globe, and walking dead. hoping Kirkman does what Jim Lee did with the wild c.a.t.s and branch on his own , the stroy , the art, the characters are all great and ive never been disappointed when a issue comes out ,(though it feels like invincible comes out like twice a year ) great comic i highly recommend those who haven't read it to go and enjoy it

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That mustache is epic

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