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Atavistic Syllogism

I have to say that this series is at times very trying.  On one hand they focus on building very complex characters which defines the series in a certain way and generally benefits it.  On the other hand it seems as though whenever they need a fast and easy plot movement, they abandon the concept behind those characters just to move the plot along more easily.  So here evidently while the military wants some control over Stark, he agrees to it for reasons that he would have seemingly disagreed with vociferously over his long publication history up until this point.  Presumably there is a twist ahead of some sort but at the moment, this doesn't feel like reading about Tony, instead someone is masquerading in his place.  Of course hindsight will be 20-20 but it seems from reading this at this point that it is the abandonment of the character.  The other parts of this issue hold up better, but still this is an Iron Man issue and thus should stay more true to Tony than the events surrounding him.  

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