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Invincible #69 Review


Invincible #69 Review
Writer: Robert Kirkman
Penciler: Ryan Ottley
Inker: Cliff Rathburn
Colorist: FCO Plascencia
Letterer: Rus Wooton
Editor: Aubrey Sitterson

Plot Summary

The story begins with a new character Universa making her way to Earth. Kirkman describes her as a warrior queen who has traveled countless miles to the planet earth, and will not stop until she gets what she has come for as her planet is in grave danger. Next, we see Rus Livingston fully possessed by Sequids reeking havoc. The Sequid invasion has begun.
Mark & Eve are discussing what happened last issue (It’s a major spoiler, I won’t spoil it for people just beginning the series) just then Eve receives a call that they are needed. When Mark, and Eve arrive on the scene Universa is attacking a Nucear power plant. She has a special kind of staff that wields the power of two light spectrums and turns them into one blast thus creating an unstoppable power. Invincible commences the battle with her, and later is partly defeated evidently leaving Eve to help fight Universa while he recovers. Unfortunately Eve is still having trouble with her powers.
The Guardians of the Globe led by Brit go to stop the Sequid threat. They create a type of barrier, and appear to have everything handled. Off panel we return to Invincible’s battle with Universa. Mark steals her staff, only to be electrocuted by its fail safe Invincible appears to be defeated until Eve now powerless (per-say) leaves her unconscious with a left hook. Seconds later Cecil arrives and asks for Mark’s help against the Sequid Invasion. Mark assumes that they have the situation handled. The issue ends with a splash page in which Rus Livingston has defeated the Guardian of the Globe.

The art receives a 9/10 in this issue Ryan Ottley continues to progress dramatically throughout this series. He’s probably one of the best artists in comics today. Cliff Rathburn’s inks suit Ryan’s work perfectly; he really adds something to the series that I can’t find anywhere else. FCO Plascencia in my opinion is the best colorist in comic books. His work is incredible, and I look forward to his colors every single issue and that is something I cannot find in any other comic book.

Parting Thoughts
While this wasn’t my favorite issue of Invincible it did setup things to come. I don’t think Universa is a very important villain, and I do not believe that we’ll be seeing her again anytime soon. On another note I believe this was a spectacular way to set up the return of the Sequids.

Not an amazing issue, but a foreshadowing of things to come.

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