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Mark Grayson is the son of the most powerful superhero on the planet. Recently he's begun to inherit his father's powers, and in doing so, he has learned that everything he's been told is a lie. His father wasn't sent here to protect the planet, he was sent here to enslave it. The only thing that prevented him from succeeding was his own son. But he's still out there, and nobody knows when he will strike again. Return to Midnight City! Cast in the shadow of perpetual darkness, Midnight City lost its sole protector to Omni-Man, Invincible's father, as part of his plot to take over the world. Now many months have passed since the original Darkwing's death, and there's a new Darkwing in town. Invincible is curious to find out just who this guy is.

It all begins in Midnight City, a woman runs in terror throught the city. Running and screaming from a masked vigilante. Who is he and why is he terrorizing the the dark underworld city as the deceased "Darkwing"? Later at the United States Pentagon, the members of the Gaurdians of the Globe rest after their fight against "Battle Beast" and the crime lord "Machine Mask". Robot checks in on them to examine their condition, then consults with "Donald" about the teams members. Soon, "Cencil" alerts Invincible about the masked renegade roaming Midnight city and flies into action. Once entering the city, Invincible spots a cloaked figure huddling around two dead bodies. Mark starts to investigate the caped crusader, but is quickly interrupted by the man's lack of care for his investigation. The new Darkwing rushes pass Invincible and strikes him in the back.It is later that Darkwing vanishes into the shadows and suprise punches Invincible in the face. Mrak is able to grab hold of Darkwing's arm, but is dragged into a dark dimension where he cannot escape. Later the two heroes compromise and decide to leave the shadowdimension. Once they escape, Invinicble grabs the arms of Darkwing and flies off to the United States Pentagon. There, Darkwing is taken into arrest by Cecil and his agents. Soon after, "Robot is seen getting repairs or upgrades by an unknown disformed man in a suit.

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